Frequently Asked Questions

I’m already retired. Have I missed the boat?

No. Income annuities are available for all phases of life, including the accumulation phase, as well as the distribution phase, or retirement. Separation from an employer prior to age 59½ also allows the individual the opportunity to move a 401(k) in full or part to an IRA annuity to begin the income stream building process.

How do I know which IRA annuity will work for me?

A qualified independent insurance professional specializing in programs that fit the SECURE Act and income stream planning is needed. Having an independent agent, not a captive agent, allows you to have the agent shop the private market and offer potential options. A captive agent is limited to the programs that his or her company offers. Once the independent agent has shopped the market, he or she can present several options to fit your needs.

The information presented is hypothetical and for informational purposes only. The advice of a licensed financial professional is advised.

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