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Learning About Life from Bob

Monday, October 17th, 2016   10:44 am |  Category:   Life   |   Add Comment  
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“And there’s so much to do here. They’re always coming to get you and taking you to the rec room for Bingo or Sing-Alongs.” His face was beaming as he spoke.


“Yes, they’re taking good care of me.” He crowed.


I spent the better part of the next hour watching golf and listening to Bob reminisce about his band touring days. By the time I left, he had me feeling better about myself than when I first arrived.


On my way out I stopped by the desk to sign out.


“Are you a friend of Bob’s?” Asked the receptionist.


“Yes, I used to be his neighbor.


“Well he’s sure made a difference in this place.”


Puzzled, I asked. “What do you mean?”


“He’s got people here laughing and talking that I haven’t seen smile in months.”


“Hmm!” I said. “Yeah, that sounds like Bob.”


A thought crossed my mind as I stepped outside and walked back to my car.


If I ever get into Bob’s predicament … I hope I’m just like him.



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