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Retirement And Good Living  
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Retirement can and should be a rewarding time of life. We created this site to provide information for anyone of any age contemplating retirement including boomers, the silent generation and all who have already retired. Retirement is the time to enjoy life.


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Also check out our Retirement Calculator.


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Check out our new pages on continuing your education when retired.


And the World’s Top 10 Beaches and Top 10 Kayaking locations to visit on your next vacation.

  Retirement Locations- Check out the top overseas and U.S. retirement locations as well as top biking routes, hiking trails, fishing spots, golf courses and world renowned casinos to enjoy your retirement.
  Latest Posts- Read the latest posts on health, finance, life and more
  Finance and the Markets- Get Retirement Investment information, Descriptions of various types of Investments, A Beginners Guide to Financial Statements, Retirement Plans, the Daily Dividend Report, the ETF Investing Report, the Insider Buying Report, the Market Movers Report, the Weekly Market Wrap Report and check current market data and other financial information.
  Health- Check out our pages about Exercise, Mental Health, Nutrition and more.
  Video Gallery- Watch videos on travel and retirement locations, finance and budget, exercise, hobbies and more.
  Calculators- Check out health calculators including the Body Fat calculator and financial calculators including the Retirement Budget calculator as well as several others.
  Mind Games- Keep your mind sharp with games including Sudoku, Concentration, Crosswords, Word Search and Solitaire
  Jobs and Volunteering- Look for volunteering opportunities or part time jobs.
  Latest News and Updates- Check out the latest on books, health, movies, music as well as sports, technology, the environment, science and more.


All this plus humor, because without humor retirement can be very dull :-)

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