Working the Bucket List

We lucked out. About nine months before my husband retired he got a contract with a leading photography-related publisher to write a book about one of his specialties: taking pictures through the microscope. My husband built a good rapport with the publisher and once the book was completed he immediately pitched a camera book idea. It was accepted and we started writing together two days after I retired. Bucket List item #2 was in motion.

This also meant we could get in some travel time to use our cameras and take pictures for the book. Item #3, travel to US state and national parks fell into place. To save expenses, we traveled off-season for reduced hotel prices. Another benefit to this was that there were a lot fewer people at the parks making it easier to see the sights and take photographs.

Item #4, become an artist, was jump-started after attending a presentation about growing crystals and viewing them through a microscope. I saw an incredible and amazing hidden world that I wanted to photograph and share with others. I became an artist.

I can’t say there is much money in being an author or an artist but they certainly are a challenge and involve a lot of work. The rewards are not found in making money or having an easy time, but in the accomplishment of completing something you dearly love and thought you might never have the opportunity to do. After all, that is what a Bucket List is all about: Accomplishing activities that are beyond everyday living.

In regard to #5 Go to Alaska to fish for salmon and halibut, have I got a story to tell about that trip. But that will have to wait until another post.

What’s on your Bucket List?

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  1. Great idea! My husband and I don’t have a bucket list, but we need to start one! Number one will be to travel more. I like your idea of panning for gold

  2. Great thoughts, how wonderful that it fell into place for you, just shows you that it is true, that “you have to have a dream for a dream to come true””


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