Retirement in and of itself is a dichotomy of sorts. On the one hand, it’s something that most retirees-to-be can’t wait for. Their final day at their workplace could not come fast enough.

On the other hand, when the reality of what typically is the final era of the lives manifests, they feel more daunted than daring. This is not the case scenario they imagined.

I don’t really know what retirement looks like for you, but since I have several retired colleagues and friends, I do have some ideas how it might.

What I do know for sure is that the Happy Retirement includes components that reflect who you are. It involves all things that make you thrive.

When it comes to the lives’ of retirees, and retirees-to-be, it’s personal. That means, whatever you choose to do should be aligned with your own values. Aligning your values with what matters to you most and is essential for your well-being. Few would argue that the one of the most important value that should be shared by every retiree is happiness.

Happiness, alone by itself is, quite frankly always at risk of sounding generic. So, be deliberate about the retirement lifestyle you want to create around it.

For example, as often as you can, participate in activities that confirm your purpose and bring you joy. Maybe you played softball for 45-years, if you are still able, then keep playing. There are no shortage of senior league softball teams.

If you’ve enjoyed social outings while working, now you have more opportunities to spend with your friends and associates.

Anything that keeps you stimulated and helps you grow and prosper should be a consistent part of your life.

Have the following happened to you?

  • Not knowing exactly what you want to do
  • Losing things
  • Missing coworkers
  • Making decisions with rush or anxiety
  • A decrease sense of purpose
  • Adjusting to a new standard of living

They’re all a part of retirement; but so is being your unapologetic, authentic, joyous self.

Many retirees are generally happy about the transition, but others—even those who appear to have it all—struggle to find happiness. Maybe that’s because retirement to them feels like they have less of a purpose.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

A Happy Retirement doesn’t happen because of one’s background or privileges. It happens because the retiree does what he believes happiness is.

During retirement, the majority of life experiences become invaluable.

For example, getting up for 6 AM prayer, then pouring positive affirmations into my grandson before he starts his day is absolutely priceless. Anything that I set in motion with the intent to elevate my life and others, usually results in incredible bliss and joy.

While speaking with my family, friends, and colleagues, I picked up a gem I hope many will carry with them during their own retirement. Here it is: ‘Happiness will stay around anywhere there are positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle. Things won’t be great, 24/7. We know that. But when the vibe among people is positive and healthy, happiness stays rooted.’


We want that.

Now is a great time to execute your own happiness, habits, and life decisions. Don’t get distracted by the interests and values of others if you haven’t taken the opportunity to revisit your own, first.

Maybe your conscience was on auto-pilot in the workplace and now you’re at a point where you’re not sure what excites you. If this is the case, take time to think and reconnect with your true self and personal values.

We are human. As such, emotional roller coasters are not atypical and shouldn’t have us feeling abnormal. The circle of life is rounded by inevitable and often unforeseen events. And that’s OK. Unforeseen events are certainly not new and besides, we are well-equipped to handle them.

What many fail to recognize is that these experiences are all opportunities for tremendous, growth, expansion, and of course, happiness! It is an unprecedented opportunity to go deep within your heart and soul and identify what you will gladly welcome during this stage of your life. And, that includes everything that will make your life even more meaningful.

Enjoy every single day of your retirement. Know that each one can be valuable and exciting.