Skills Needed To Stay Fit Later In Life

Greater physical ability comes with improved body awareness, which enabled me to self-diagnose a massive abdominal aortic aneurysm, thus saving my life – this is no exaggeration – and resulted in my new blogging career.


Exercise is known to reduce risks of a number of life style-induced diseases, such as type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and brain degeneration.


You will improve your chances of weathering and hopefully surviving the storms of unavoidable aging-associated diseases with their attendant and stressful treatments, such as invasive surgery. A fit body has a much better chance of pulling through.


Improved body image, real and perceived, increases your chances of attracting an interesting, engaging and healthy partner if you are single, and will most certainly improve your sex life.


Exercise lifts your mood when you feel down or depressed.


Some Key Exercise Skills That You Will Need For Success



In spite of all the advantages of a fit mind and body, it’s not so simple to build exercise into your life. It’s only too easy to start a program, but continuing is a whole different story. This is why I developed the safe exercise for better health exercise wheel. It provides a structure that works if you just go around and around the wheel, which starts at 12 o’clock and runs clockwise.



Notice that the wheel is colored with respect to safety level. This is why the study of body awareness, ignored by almost everyone I know who suffers repeated sports injuries, is the first and foremost topic of study in the wheel. Safety demands awareness.


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  1. Hello. I couldn’t agree more. I’m soon to be 69 and participate in Masters’ Track and Field, as well as 5k and 5mile road races. How many people look forward to reaching the next 5-year milestone? Folks like me who want to be the “baby” in the age category…….have to wait a year to be at the bottom of the 70-74 bracket. I too have become very aware of my body and any changes. My runner’s knee acts up sometimes, but ice and compression take care of that quickly. However, a torn muscle in my gluteous maximus that I suffered during a 10k race was a whole other story. For that, I needed serious rest and PT……but I knew right away it was serious. I also know now that 5 miles is my distance limit. Safety, as you point out, is highly important.

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