Spring is just around the corner! Depending on where you live, you can feel it in the air! South Carolina’s weather is fighting for spring to spring forth! I’ve done most of my downsizing and as you recall, I closed my last blog sitting on our patio, admiring the sun set over Lake Murray, asking God, What now? Weeks later, what am I doing? Still watching the sun set over the lake. Now you’re thinking, is she still waiting for God to answer? Stay tuned.


I continue simplifying as the days go by … tossing and donating items I don’t need after all. I’m feeling lighter by the hour. No, I’m not dieting … yuk … I really dislike that word but we’ll talk about that another time.


There’s another way I’m simplifying my life that I’d like to share with you.


As I sat watching the sun set over the lake, I asked God, What now? When I heard Him say, Do what you’re doing, I responded, You mean, do nothing? He replied, Nothing is something. Relax. Meditate. Enjoy your quiet time with Me.


Our busy lifestyles pull us in every direction, not to mention the technology that draws us away from the land of the living. We find it difficult to slow down and relax. Finally, when we do slow down, we feel guilty. There’s so much for us REDs (Retired-Extremely-Daring) to do, right?


I have a confession. I’m a former TV news junkie. Morning coffee, morning news. Lunch break, more news. Of course I had to watch the nightly news, and in between when hubby wasn’t looking. I had to know what was going on in the world. But I’m changing all that. A less-cluttered mind is a joyful mind.


Here are a few tips that have helped me de-clutter my mind, and simplify my soul and spirit.


During an average day my first cup of coffee is not in front of the TV. Instead, I’m on the patio chatting with my hubby while enjoying God’s creation. Less stress. More peace. No guilt.


After finishing my morning chores I take our maltee-poo, little Miss Princess Popcorn, for our morning walk along the lake. I spend this time having a conversation with God. No Stress. Complete serenity. Still, no guilt.


I return home to edit upcoming articles, and write blogs. If or when I begin to experience the famous writer’s-block attack, I head outdoors to the boardwalk. Fresh air always helps in times of blockage. I arrive home unblocked so I pour myself a cup of java and begin typing away, and voila! A complete and edited article. A finished blog. Peace like a river.


Believe me, its not always easy. For example, the other morning, without thinking, I poured my cup of coffee, turned on the TV and sat myself down to watch the morning news. Rob walked in and smiled. I looked at him and asked, “What?” He pointed to the TV. Oh my! Yes, I am a work-in-progress … step by step.


What works for me might not work for you, especially if you have a job. Yes, it’s quite acceptable for REDs to work. My brother is a retired truck driver who lives in Zion, Utah. He drives a truck now and then from St. George to Grand Junction, Colorado to earn money for their annual cruises. When they’re home, they enjoy gardening and relaxing in their outdoor Jacuzzi. Simplify is working for them.


To all you REDs out there, after reading my last blog, how are you doing with your downsizing? Are you still thinking about it? Have you made your to-do list? Have you bought those large green trash bags? Have you gone so far as to donate a box of old clothes to your local mission? Am I making you feel guilty? I don’t mean to, honest. If you’ve answered yes to one of these questions, then you’re making progress! Keep up the good work. Maybe you’re just having too much fun out there doing something fun and daring. By all means, keep that up!


We all have our stressful moments. When I start to feel anxious about something, I take a few deep breaths and think good thoughts. Whatever your lifestyle, whatever your beliefs, political or spiritual, it’s always calming to read a few scriptures during the day.

Until next time, I wish my fellow REDs oceans of joyful moments and peaceful days!