• Plan the podcast. Some people need to plan what they will say when recording their podcast and may have to script it before beginning the recording. Others may be able to ad lib. In either case you can re-record as necessary or cut and paste your recording using the editing software.
  • Plug a microphone into your computer.
  • Start you audio recording program and record your masterpiece.
  • Save your file.
  • Edit your file if necessary.
  • Upload it to one or more of the podcasting service sites. Some basics service sites are free, others you may have to pay for. These sites provide details of what is necessary to upload your podcast (including descriptions, artwork, etc.) Apple’s iTunes provides a podcasting service and offers a very good description of what is required.

    Another option is to create a blog/site with a product like Worpress and load your podcasts to that blog. This may entail more work upfront but you will have complete control of how your podcasts are presented.

  • Once a podcast is uploaded and you have a link to it you can distribute that link via podcast directories and email the link to everyone you know.

I made a list of all the useful information I can provide to my many future podcast followers. At the top of the list are soap carving, collecting bottle caps and How to Finally Find Big Foot.

Maybe I should re-think this.

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