Known as portmanteau words

confunderant (con-fun’-der-ant)– a person who claims to be a consultant but only gives you confusing advice

slitheriner (slith-er-in’-er– (rhymes with shiner) a person who sneaks in line ahead of you

overacheater (o-ver-a-chee’-tor– a person who gets A’s but only by copying from others

mortoperator (mor-top’-er-a-tor)– a guy who goes to funerals to pick up women

signother – (sig’-no-ther) (as in sig-nify) – significant other, someone that lives with you

regretort (re-gre’-tort)– that smart reply that you think of about a hour later; sometimes referred to as a “wish-I’d said-ism”

bananoodles (ban’-a-noo’’-dels)– those stringy things on a banana

e-dict (ee’-dikt)– a person who needs to check his emails 16 times a day

intendid (in-ten’-did) – something you thought about for a long time and finally got around to doing

retrospite (re’-tro-spite) – getting even

platitudinator (pla-ti-tud’-in-a-tor) – a consultant who tells you things like “keep your nose to the grindstone” and “set goals” and “keep on keeping on”

obliviate (ob-liv’-ee-ate) – the act of trying to ignore the fact that you just ate something that wasn’t on your diet

confabulist (con-fab’- u- list) – a person who is good at convincing other people that he is the ultimate expert at whatever it is that he does. alt – a bullshit artist

disrelief (dis’ – ree – leaf) – that strange feeling you get when your doctor tells you that the rare, incurable flesh-eating disease you thought you had is only a dry skin condition

mystifry (mis’ – ti – fry) – an item on a Chinese menu

mystifly (mis’ – ti – fly) – the way the waiter describes it to you

rectifly (reck’ – ti – fly) – zipping up your pants

sys-stomach (sis’ stom – uck) – my whole body can’t stand you; alt “you make me sick”

regurgimate (ree – gurge’ – i – mate) – your dumb Australian buddy who insists on taking you to a beer party that you don’t really want to go to where you end up getting blind drunk and throwing up all over him

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