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My Retirement Plan – Fully Executed with New and Authentic Life Experiences

About two years ago, at age 63, I realized it was time to create a meaningful retirement plan. My 30+ year, very rewarding career in sales and management was winding down. My pension was set so I was lucky that I had flexibility. Retire? But to what? I don’t play golf, crochet, play bridge or …more

11 vital questions you need to ask yourself about volunteering in retirement

Are you already a volunteer? Perhaps you help out with a church group or at a school canteen? If you are not being paid, you are indeed a volunteer, even if you haven’t been given that specific title. Maybe you’re already officially one of the 23% of people aged over 65 who volunteer in the …more

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Boy Scout Success Story

Hopefully, this article will inspire you or another adult to help some boy to get on track for potential success by becoming a Boy Scout. Let me tell you about a boy who was given the opportunity and the support to become a Boy Scout and what happened to him. He was a proud boy …more

My Costa Rica Commute

Do you experience bliss doing the most simple of things? You know, where your chest inflates with joy and tears well in your eyes from the sheer power of it. The kind that continues, years later, to give you a rush? I often have them while travelling. A few happened on the southeast coast of …more

The New Retirement

Are you ready to retire? Today’s financial advertisements promise that, if you make the right choices, you will be able to live a life of leisure. Leaving the drudgery of an eight to five job should be the promise of a better life—shouldn’t it? The truth is, this message is playing on our desires to …more

Hope Made Real

In sharing my story let me tell you from the start: Retirement from the business world is possible but retirement from life does not exist unless you want it to. No, it is not possible for every retiree to do as I have done but every retiree can be involved in a worthwhile project that …more

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Golden Years

“This isn’t what I thought my golden years would be.” My father’s words echoed in a time-lapse soundtrack that played back regularly in the recesses of my memory. He was a self-made, hardworking man, not given to complaining or griping, even when he had good cause. So his oft-repeated remorse about his disappointing golden years …more

Seven Tips for Older Entrepreneurs

Thinking of joining the ranks of boomer entrepreneurs? You’re in good company. Some of the world’s best-known products and companies had creators who were late bloomers. Sam Walton opened his first Walmart when he was 44 years old. Ray Kroc started McDonald’s in his 50s. Colonel Harland Sanders was in his 60s when Kentucky Fried …more

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