Author: Terri Benincasa

It’s not what you get, it’s what you do with it…

Folks from wealthy families going nowhere on their own or crashing under the weight of some disorder in spite of all the money they have to treat it… Folks raised in poverty with a single, addicted, or absent parent – or no parents at all – rising to win Olympic gold or to reach the …more

Boomers and Marijuana

Legalization of marijuana, from medical only to full recreational use, is becoming quite the trend. Interestingly, many of us who gladly passed the joint after a strong toke when we were in college, now frown upon the substance’s legalization. The usual reasons: I used it in my youth and I know how bad it is …more

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Don’t Take it When it Comes to “Entitlement Reform”!

We constantly hear about the need to tackle entitlements as part of getting the federal budget under control, which leads to two compelling questions: Are Medicare and Social Security “entitlements” (is the term accurate)? Is there a need to “reform” them? First, to the question of entitlement. As have we all, I’ve paid into Social …more

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