Author: Peter Galvin

It’s a long road to New Mexico

There’s no doubt that initially, and for a long while afterwards, our experience of America was East Coast based. We lived in Rockville, Maryland for a year while on exchange as a teacher. Our weekend jaunts were into DC., to snow bound cabins in West Virginia, trips to Annapolis and Chesapeake Bay and our first …more

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The Last Great Project?

I suppose you might call it my last great project. It’s been hanging around for over 20 years in fact to be precise, since 18th February, 1994. I can be so precise because I keep a diary and the experience that started the whole thing is right there. On that day in 1994 I wrote: …more

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All come to look for America

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, if you had asked me a year ago what we would do when we retired, the reply would have been – travel. We have a history in this area. We’re Brits and have lived abroad in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, traveled throughout Europe, visited …more

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