Author: Paprika Furstenburg

Stop Horsing Around

No matter how much research and preparation you do before traveling, things aren’t going to go exactly as you planned them. Flexibility is the key. The sooner you learn to roll with the punches the more fun and less stress you’ll have on your vacation. During a recent trip to Iceland, we woke up to …more

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Up the Creek with a Paddle

Even by the mildest standards, I would not describe myself as adventurous, but on vacations I seem to be willing to try things I wouldn’t normally do at home. Maybe it is the idea of broadening my horizons or maybe it is the idea that I can make an absolute fool of myself in front …more

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Too Many Muscles to Control

When you exercise regularly, it is very easy to get into a rut. Experts say that it is important to vary your workouts to keep them interesting and challenge different muscles. In an effort to spice up the fitness class line up at the Wellness Center, they were piloting a new type of Pilates class. …more

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The (Torture) Rack

Motivation is sometimes the most difficult part of exercising. In an effort to make exercising more appealing and an activity we could do together, my husband and I bought bicycles. The last time either of us owned a bike we didn’t have driver’s licenses or high school diplomas. After a 25 year hiatus, we were …more

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A Loo with a View

From the comfort of our living room, traveling always seems like a great idea; a chance to see the world, explore new cultures and break out of our regular routine. When we step off the plane in a foreign country, the stakes change instantly. Without the familiarity of surroundings or language, even the most mundane …more

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