Author: Kathy Merlino

Aging Dynamically

Growing up on the shore, we sometimes went to an inlet from the sea with an old bulkhead. As the tide went out, we searched for crabs clinging to the decaying wood. Back home in my parents’ kitchen, my younger brother and I played with the crabs on the floor as my mother boiled a …more

Stability is not an option

When I worked, I had a saying, which I admit to stealing from my husband, “Change or die.” This was for the people at work who were so rigid they couldn’t accept change in the work place or, for that matter, probably anywhere else in their lives. They were the ones who railed against any …more

Kicking The Bucket

The question I’m asked most often in retirement is, “What do you do all day?” Sometimes, the person asking is just curious. Sometimes, they are comparing their possible retirement activities to mine in order to gauge whether or not they have enough in the way of hobbies, volunteer work and other passions to replace their …more

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Retirement Stages

Toward the end of October, as Martin and I sat in the kitchen waiting for dinner to finish baking in the oven, we sipped a glass of wine and talked about our latest projects. Suddenly, I realized the day before was our one year retirement anniversary. A year!?! Gone already! And, we didn’t even celebrate …more

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