We’ve all heard about face-lifts, liposuction and Botox, but what if we want to stay attractive as we get older without resorting to expensive and invasive procedures?

It really starts with anti-aging mind games; in other words your inner dialogue. Something is only the truth until new information comes along to contradict it. To change a belief, you must first identify what it is that’s working against you. “I’m too old to join an aerobics class.” “It’s all downhill from here.” Then come up with a positive thought that will give you energy rather than drain you. “I’m five years younger than that marathon runner I read about.” “I feel better today than I did ten years ago.” Write it down. Repeat it five times a day and start collecting evidence to support it. Even if it’s not completely true, keep acting and thinking as if it is. Whenever you catch yourself focusing on what you no longer want to think, switch your focus by asking: “what could be a more helpful way of looking at this?”


Think of the best areas of your life, whether they be work, relationships or friends. Tell yourself something is easy to do and it probably will be. You can create your own results by choosing something about yourself you’d like to feel better about (your health, your fitness, your weight) and switch your attitude about it. Try to expect good things: (I’m never ill. I look better in my clothes already). Dress attractively, update your make-up, and ask your hairdresser to take 10 years off you. What did you love doing 10 years ago? Bowling? Camping? Hiking? Try it again and see how you feel at the end.


We tend to get into a rut with our make-up, and think the old rules can’t be broken. However some of them have become obsolete as new formulas evolved.

It used to be that shimmery make-up was strictly for the evenings, but it can be flattering in the day-time too. Today’s formulas are no longer garish and can actually make you look younger because they contain finely-ground, light-reflecting particles that give skin a soft glow. Shades like camel or pink are good, but limit the luminous look to just one feature. If you choose a pearl eye-shadow or lipstick, keep your cheeks matte finish.

Once it was the rule that lipstick should match the rest of your make-up. Today’s trend is to match it to your skin. Look for one that complements your lips’ natural pigment … pinky brown, nude, soft rose or berry are flattering shades.

Lips sometimes thin after 40. If so, use light to medium lipstick and gloss and choose creamy, shiny formulas as they reflect light, creating an illusion of fullness. Strengthen your lipline and stop lipstick “weeping” by tracing the outer edge of natural border using a lipliner that is one shade deeper than your lipstick.

You don’t need to cover your whole face with foundation. You can just spot treat blotchy areas. Apply a tinted base to uneven or red areas, such as nose, cheeks or chin. Using your fingertips or a cosmetic sponge, dab some on and blend outwards towards your jaw and hairline.

If you’ve decided to let your hair go grey, it can look chic but the lack of pigment does suck the color from your complexion. You need to give your face “oomph”. Use a medium tinted foundation to even out your skin. Go for soft, bright shades such as rose, apricot or peach. Defining your eyes with a silver of slate shadow will also perk up your grey hair look. Don’t forget to use a rich moisturizer every day.

It may be true that every woman has the face she deserves by 40, as Coco Chanel once said, and we can’t all look like models. But we can keep an optimistic, upbeat outlook and remember that the best facelift in the world is a smile.