When we learn to treat others with relational skillfulness, we are practicing yoga. The ultimate goal of Yoga is union—union with the divine essence in ourselves and in the world around us. Like a wave in the great ocean of existence, human beings have the capacity to melt our sense of separateness and experience oneness with everything and everyone. This is the true essence of yoga. Learning to see the divine essence in another human being, even when our human reactions, idiosyncrasies, and differences are staring us hard in the face, is the practice of The Yoga Of Relationships. It will gift you with the deepest experience of loving: that of connecting with another person at the level of soul. We call this spiritual intimacy, because it includes the experience of transcendence and oneness through the experience of deep authentic connection with your loved one.

I have seen over and over again, when two people want to love and be loved, and when they are willing to grow and change, something mighty emerges. Both individuals grow and become more of who they uniquely are. The partnership provides support, comfort, intimacy, teamwork and abundance. By developing the Yoga of Relationships, that is, approaching the challenges of our relationships as an invitation to personal and spiritual growth, and by developing the capacity to skillfully and consciously love each other and our children, we can end the age-old cycle of generational wounding and contribute our share to create greater harmony in our families, communities, nations, and our global family.

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