This Is What Bigotry Looks Like

I am appalled that the Los Angeles Times would print this reader’s letter. I like to think they would not print a vicious racial attack on Ms Steinem and I like to think they would not print a vicious attack based on gender. Did they simply fail to notice what this reader was saying? Was it just slightly humorous enough to be worthy of print space?

I can think of a few racial and gender based slurs which may have qualified for the same acceptance in the media 40 years ago.

If a woman of Ms Steinem’s stature is to be publicly demeaned for her age then all of us crossing the line to our mature years are in trouble. As the early feminists called us to stop the inequities and to stand bravely and to speak out for what we knew was right I call on us all to do the same thing now on the topic of aging.

  • State your age proudly
  • Share what you know today
  • Show what you do today
  • Introduce those who have not seen 50 yet to the vibrant world of opportunity which awaits them on this side of the hill.

We have a very important point to make and being heard on this topic will impact our futures and the futures of our children and grandchildren…sound familiar sisters?

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  1. Jaki. I think you should have slammed the critic for the logical fallacy of “argumentum ad hominem” – attacking the person instead of his or her argument. It’s an attack commonly seen in school playgrounds.
    “Babe Ruth did not play in the NFL.”
    “Oh yeah? Well, your mother wears combat boots.”

    You can see it’s the same sort of logic Gloria Steinem’s critic employed.

  2. Jaki scarcello

    June 1, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Thank you Gordon, and good my experience emotional negative arguments often do not contain much logic and this is an example. There are many angles from which to point out the craziness of the Gloria Steinem critic and thank you for providing another.

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