Sri Lanka is your ideal retirement destination

Non-Sri Lankans though not allowed freehold ownership of property due to current government restrictions, are permitted to lease property on a long term basis in which a negligible transfer tax may be applicable. Other taxes would include the standard 12% VAT and 2% NBT that usually accompanies any goods and services charge.

For that soul searching experience, you can add meaning to life by volunteering at one of the many local children’s orphanages across the country. If you are an animal lover, you can travel to the Pinnawala Elephant orphanage and the elephant nursery.

The Sri Lanka My Dream Home program facilitates your move to Sri Lanka. If you are above 55 the visa issued by Sri Lanka is valid for two years and renewable. If you deposit US$15,000 in any approved bank in Sri Lanka and have a monthly pension or income of USD 1,500 you will be eligible for the Dream Home visa.

What better way to experience all of this than to be a part of the country as it is and experience the diverse culture and rich heritage while sinking your feet in the sandy beaches of Sri Lanka and truly retire in Asia’s up and coming destination.

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  1. We’ve just launched a state of the art, UK standard nursing home (cinnamoncare) in Sri Lanka, specialising in dementia care.
    Owned and managed by a British healthcare professional with over 30 years UK nursing home management experience.

    It’s the first and only one of its kind in Sri Lanka and aimed at Western expats looking to retire to sunnier climes.
    With the end of the civil war, a booming economy, stable government and significant investment in infrastructure and amenities, Sri Lankan was voted the number one destination by British Airways for 2013.
    It truly is the gem in the Indian Ocean with miles of golden beaches and a comfortable inland climate, it’s quickly becoming a destination of choice for those looking to retire to a tropical paradise.

  2. Great article! I used to live in Sri Lanka and have been thinking about moving back.

  3. It definitely is an ideal retirement location. Plus the government is encouraging foreigners to retire in Sri Lanka with special visa programs. You have the option of owning your own villa by the sea. Also now there are villa complexes which are much cheaper and allows for a far more affordable retirement scheme.

  4. Great article. A few years ago my wife and I visited Sri Lanka. Great place and fantastic people. Will definitely return.

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