The time has finally arrived.

After weeks of waiting your vacation is here!

Whether you’ve planned out every detail or you’re just going with the flow, one thing you should never overlook is your health.

In fact, nothing can ruin a trip faster than feeling run down or ill.

But don’t fear… You can travel and stay healthy by following these six simple tips.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

    Get consistent sleep leading up to your trip and during (if possible). This means not only getting the regular seven to nine hours each night, but also falling asleep and waking up at around the same time. This way your body will feel rested and ready for a fun day of activities.

  2. Eat Well

    Everyone loves to eat new cuisine while on vacation. And you’ll probably be eating out for the majority of meals and having a generous portion of rich foods and desserts.

    That’s certainly my favorite part of travelling.

    But, squeeze in fiber, fruits and veggies into your diet each day. Have some fruit with breakfast or a vegetable side dish with dinner. Try not to drink excessively while you are travelling either. This will ensure that you’re fit and ready to go.

  3. Plan Ahead

    Always plan ahead with regards to medication, allergies or health concerns.

    If you are travelling to another country, research how to get medication while abroad or pack extra so you don’t run out. Make a “worse case scenario” plan, just in case you need it.

    Research the location of hospitals or how to ask for a hospital in a foreign language. If you have a medical condition, learn how to say that condition in the language of whatever country you are travelling to.

    Chances are you won’t need to use this information, but like my mother always said, “safety is no accident.”

  4. Prepare for Jet Lag

    That feeling of absolute exhaustion when you cross multiple time zones kills productivity and travel plans. The Internet has countless cures for jet lag – from melatonin pills to light exposure therapy. But the most agreed upon method is to start adjusting yourself to the new time zone as soon as possible… even when you get on the plane.

  5. Pack a First Aid Kit

    You’re first aid kit should be stocked with smaller quantities of everything you have in your medicine cabinet at home – from Band aids, aspirin, and stomach medication to eye drops, tweezers and cough drops.

    If you get sick or injured, you’ll have something on hand to tie you over until you can get to a pharmacy.

  6. Take Care of Your Hands

    Finally, wash your hands frequently and keep your fingernails short while you are travelling. Avoid places that look unclean or unhealthy. If you get the sniffles or some other ailment, give yourself a slow day to recover. Twelve hours of rest is much better than spending your entire trip feeling sick and unhappy.

With these quick tips, your travels will be enjoyable and healthy.