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Retire in Corozal BelizeI chose to rent my beautiful home because I like to be mobile. As a retiree I don’t want the weight of owning a home. I certainly don’t want to design and build a home as many of my friends have done. They, for the most part, plan to remain in a Belize forever. I don’t think I’ve finished my traveling.

Renting a home or apartment is still moderately inexpensive. A modest one bedroom Belizean home, unfurnished, perhaps with no hot water, and no A/C can cost as little as US $275 a month. A fully furnished home with wifi, A/C, hot water, etc, can cost US $650 a month. There are expats who rent for as much as $1,000 a month. These are usually folks who rent from an Internet ad. I always suggest that people stay in a budget hotel for at least two weeks while they scout the area for their “nest”.

Owning property is not an issue. It’s important to ensure clear title to land in each purchase.

Gasoline is quite expensive at $6.60 US a gallon. A larger challenge is finding parts for cars that need repair. Having a car in the mechanic shop for two months while waiting shipment on a part from the US is not unusual. The bus system is very good and very inexpensive. The fleet consists of old old elementary school buses that have been shipped from the States and jerry-rigged together. Small seats. Small windows. And very bumpy roads! I walk everywhere I go, but I live in town. Another option is to use a taxi. The cost is minimal… $2.50 US to any point in town. Additional cost for longer distances.

I’ve found the medical facilities here to be very lacking in technology, but being excellent in providing services. The Five Rivers Medical Clinic is staffed by a husband and wife medical team. They are open seven days a week. The cost for a comprehensive visit is US $7.50! If you are dealing with a chronic condition they have an annual plan for US $60 for unlimited visits. They have a pharmacy on premises. With the simple costs, I do not carry medical insurance. If course, all of this is subject to change as more and more expats settle in Corozal.

Retire in Corozal BelizeIn October I ventured back to Michigan to visit my gorgeous granddaughters and my “kids”… I had scads of medical testing done on my heart and lungs… passed everything… except I contracted a nasty lingering bronchitis.

My daughter visited in December. She fell in love with Belize. She also found that I had let the bronchitis deepen into pneumonia. She returned to Michigan in January, sold her house, her motorcycle, her mopeds and all of her belongings and scheduled flights for her and her dogs. She is now living here with me in Belize.

We have lots of adventures ahead of us. Lots of things to explore and people to meet.

My favorite activity here has been helping excavate at the Santa Rita Mayan site. It was amazing unearthing history. We found new things daily! They belong to the people of Belize. They are part of their heritage.

Living in Belize, and, in particular in Corozal, has brought me peace and joy. It’s a simple life. It suits me well. The expat community here is thriving and I’ve made many new and good friends. The internet allows me to keep in close contact with my family and that is very special to me!

Belize is not for everyone! But it’s my paradise… for now.

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  1. Wonderful article! This is my dream as well and this has given me some new hope that it can be done and done well. Keep the encouragements coming. I hope to be there by the end of the year. God has Blessed Belize and He has Blessed me to see it.

  2. Mary DesOrmeau

    March 4, 2014 at 8:26 pm

    We had the good fortune to meet Cathie during our recent six-week visit to Belize. She is such a great advocate for Belize and her home is beautiful with a beautiful view of the bay!

  3. Good pictures are easy to take with beauty all around!

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