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Moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand

After the financial debacle of 2008 and the aftermath that created different lifestyles for many people in the US, I was forced to seek a place to retire outside of the US that would allow me the opportunity to live a dignified, adventure-filled life. I read a few online articles about “The 10 best places …more

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Retirement from Canada to Panama Part 1

In October of 2011 my husband and I quit our jobs and began the search for a place in the sun to retire. I make it sound easy with that statement but it isn’t as simple as it sounds; where we started and where we ended up is very different. My husband retired from the …more

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Retire in Granada

Great International Retirement Locations Granada, Nicaragua Retirement Description: Granada the oldest colonial city in Nicaragua has a rich colonial heritage and is located at the northwest end of Lake Nicaragua. Its the Baroque and Renaissance architecture dates back to the 16th centaury and includes Cathereral of Granada, Iglesia de La Merced, La Plazuela de los …more

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