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Granada, Nicaragua Retirement

Retirement location-Granada

Granada the oldest colonial city in Nicaragua has a rich colonial heritage and is located at the northwest end of Lake Nicaragua. Its the Baroque and Renaissance architecture dates back to the 16th centaury and includes Cathereral of Granada, Iglesia de La Merced, La Plazuela de los Leones and many other interesting sites. The over 300 Las Isletas, the Granada islands on Lake Nicaragua were formed by eruptions from the Mombacho volcano and provide some beautiful scenery. The narrow streets in Granada were built several centuries ago and preserve the historical appeal of the City. Many of the buildings in the City are Spanish-style houses opening to interior courtyards.
Granada features several festivals including the week long International Poetry Festival in February, a food, folklore, and handicraft festival in late March, Tope de toro celebration (running of the bulls) and several others. The City is perfect for walking with many of the sites, plazas, street markets and shopping within a 10-block radius. Granada provides a vibrant nightlife and has many restaurants and bars scattered throughout the City.

Reasons to retire here: Weather, Outdoor recreation (boating, fishing, surfing, horseback riding, cycling, hiking, etc.), Historic/Archaeological sites, Volcano exploration, Art and Festivals including the international poetry festival.
Weather: Temperatures range from the high 60s to the low 90s. April and May are typically the hottest months. May through November is the wet season while November through April is dry.
Population: 110,000
Income Tax: Foreigners pay tax only on income earned in Nicaragua. The tax rate on income earned in Nicaragua is progressive that ranges up to 30%.
Sales Tax: approximately 15%
Property Tax: approximately 1%

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