The natural question is, “If Saint George is such a great place why don’t you move there?” Well, we are in the process of doing that. We just bought a lot in an Eco-Friendly development a few miles west of the city adjacent to the 62,000 acre Red Cliffs Desert Reserve and the Red Mountain Wilderness Area. A bike path forms the western border of our lot and when the home’s completed we’ll be able to backpack straight out our backdoor and into the Desert Reserve, the Red Mountain Wilderness Area or Snow Canyon State Park.

But it’s a desert! Yes it is, and two months a year, July and August, it get’s hot – a 100 degrees a day hot. But I spent more than two months a year cooped up indoors when I lived in Portland, Chicago, Des Moines… due to rain, cold, heat, etc. so it’s not that significant a change in life style. The athletes I’ve questioned about the heat reported that they just start earlier in the morning but still get five hours of hiking, biking, etc. in before it gets too hot. Or you can drive an hour or two north and hike in the cool of the mountains at 9,000 plus feet. In the winter that same drive takes you to ski country. The heat also makes a great excuse for a summer road trip. But no matter where we go I’ll miss Saint Georges’ pleasant 1950’s-like qualities.

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