In retirement – too soon beats too late

Is it too early to be taking our big trips? Sure it is! That’s part of what is so fabulous. We could end up broke and only traveling to the next county. We could take adventure trips for the next twenty years. Or this might be just the right time!
I retired early, at age 57. I could have taught two more years. But I could retire a bit too early and why not? I hadn’t lost it yet in my classroom, why risk it?

I am sure I am influenced somewhat by the fact that my Mom died at age 59. But I also think I am influenced by seeing my fellow Baby Boomers deal with their aging parents.

By age 90 their parents seem unwilling and possibly unable to adapt to new places. They are stubbornly refusing to deal with bulging basements, filled attics and increasingly impossible family homes to maintain.

I don’t want to be the person who is forced out of the house, everyone feeling bad.

Nope, I will grab my purse and go willingly and be the youngster in the crowd.

Bifocals? Got them years ago with pleasure.

Shingles vaccine? Paid for it myself before I was 60.

Will? Written and in the safety deposit box.

Pared down stuff? Everything but the fabric and if you value your life, don’t touch that stash.

I am enjoying having done things early. I don’t have to fret about it, no one has to clear their throat and sit me down for a chat. I may not be from Oklahoma but I am a sooner and proud of it.

Now if I could just get the government to give me Medicare early then I’d really be set!

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  1. I loved the portion of this article “Pared down stuff? Everything but the fabric and if you value your life, don’t touch that stash.” Hilarious! And I so agree.

  2. Thanks for the kind comment, Deanna! And I’m serious about that stash unless you need some fabric, then I will share with you!

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