Author: Alice Longaker

In the Meantime

Waiting is life in the meantime. It is not a life on hold or serving a punitive time out (although it usually feels like it). There are many components–daily, I see more. Of these two, I am most sure: Expectancy and Mystery. Expectancy: My definition of expectancy is to look at the world in wonder. Where …more

Knit and Purl

As a restless spirit in my youth, I responded with impatience and irritation if anyone mentioned the word ‘crafts.’ Such endeavors took skill, time, patience, and reasonable coordination—none of which I possessed. I flirted with a sewing machine but lost interest if the project took more than 2 hours. Now, slowed by the progression of …more

Happy Life Gardens

Awhile back, an image in a gardening magazine seduced me. A woman, clad in khaki Capris and a denim shirt, knelt in front of a profusion of roses. Colors bombarded—the greens of lawn and leaf, the deep red of rose petals, and the dark earth. The woman’s silver hair cascaded down her back and over …more

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