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This morning while showering and trying to shave one of my legs as I was balancing on the other, it occurred to me that perhaps there are other 60-year olds out there who do not have the agility and coordination that I possess. I’m not a self-proclaimed superwoman or anything like that, and It’s surely not an ego trip that I’m on, it’s just a friendly crusade to help educate Baby Boomers that the benefits of being active and exercising may just sharpen and adjust our balance. Working out will improve our endurance, symmetry and overall health. Of course like anything else, none of us are immune against having an accident, and there is always a risk of falling, however acknowledging and being aware of this is a big plus as we age. By merely challenging ourselves to better our physical limitations will surely get us on the path to staying fit and active for many years to come.

I have noticed that since I’ve been routinely exercising for three years now, my equilibrium has definitely kept me sure-footed and grounded so to speak. Undoubtedly, we must always be aware of our surroundings when we are faced with a balancing act in our everyday lives, and that would include juggling our daily practices. I picked up a hula-hoop after I had done a little research and read that waist hooping will strengthen your core, bones and muscles as well as prolonging your stamina. I started jogging after my daughter urged me to enter a race with her, and discovered that running also strengthens your bones and helps eliminate stress. Old-fashioned strength and Yoga exercises will also test our balance while practicing rowing squats, push-ups as well as tree and warrior poses. Having regular vision check-ups as well as visiting our physician is also recommended as we age so that we can clearly see any obstructions in our path and are cleared of any exercise regimens.

We have to face it, we are not getting any younger (only older and better!), but we can all make an effort to improve things as far as safeguarding against falls, that may ultimately end in hefty doctor, hospital and or therapy bills. By simply adding exercise into our daily routine, monitoring our medications and moving any obstacles or hazardous clutter may prevent and help us to avoid accidents. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) states that one in every three adults aged 65 or older falls, and 2 million are treated in emergency departments for fall-related injuries. Many of these mishaps will occur in our own homes. Of course there are some people who have a fear of falling and that is just one anxiety that they need to conquer. Some things are easily remedied to alleviate these issues and are readily available to us. Why not try to lessen these statistics by safeguarding and being aware of what may potentially be hazardous to our health and make an effort to enhance our lives altogether!

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  1. Great article & good advice!

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