10 Tips to Extend Longevity for People Over 50

  1. Take care of a pet. A dog or cat, bird or even goldfish will lower your blood pressure and help to prevent a heart attack. The simple act of petting a furry friend will relieve enormous amounts of stress and keep you healthier in the long run.
  2. Have a nip of alcohol once in a while. Many centenarians will tell you they have a glass of wine or even a shot of scotch every once in a while. Although alcoholism certainly kills, an occasional sip will relax you and keep your heart healthy.
  3. Don’t overdose on supplements. The diet industry is making a killing by selling supplements, but many times they are just as toxic as prescriptions especially if you overdo them. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to supplements. Rather than take a standard multi-vitamin, have a physician give you blood tests to determine if your body is low in certain vitamins or minerals. If you are, then only take what is absolutely needed. However, it’s much better to ingest vitamins and minerals by eating a balanced diet of natural and healthy foods.
  4. Watch your posture. It’s typical for elderly people to begin to slump over, but this can be avoided by being conscious of your posture. Stand straight and tall just like your mother told you to, and you will avoid unnecessary aches and pains. Visit a podiatrist and find out if orthotics are needed to improve the way you stand and walk. It will make a huge difference in your health and quality of life.

To extend your longevity it takes a combination of what you put in your body and having a positive mental attitude. Having the will to live long and healthy is sometimes even more powerful than what you ingest. My father is currently 90 and has probably done everything wrong when it comes to how he eats, however, he has managed to survive several episodes in the hospital because of his will to live. If you want to live long, you most likely will, but it’s the quality of your life and health that’s even more important.

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  1. These are some great tips. I have also done a lot of research on this topic and found that the single most important thing seniors can do to increase longevity and overall quality of life is to avoid isolation: http://www.modern-senior.com/?p=1080

  2. That’s so true Amy. It’s so important to have some sort of social interaction. It’s been shown in many areas of the world where people live the longest that interacting with others who support, nurture or even make you laugh is life extending.

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