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Perpignan, France Retirement

Retirement location-Perpignan

Description:Peirgnan is in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the southwestern part of France. The region includes Roman ruins, castles and history (dating back before the Roman times), vineyards, olive orchards, the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Seashore.
Perpignan situated near the Spanish border has a French Mediterranean and Catalan culture and was a part of Spain until the 1600’s. Two rivers, the Tet and the Basse, flow through the town that is a combination of the old town with its narrow winding streets and current structures with many plazas, squares and shops. Some of the squares have farmers and artist markets during the week.
The town of Perpignan can be seen as a retirement haven with its proximity to the mountains for hiking and skiing, the beaches for swimming and water sports, the many festivals, museums and historical structures for exploration and a variety of shops. There are nearly 300 days of sunshine during the year. The extensive number of restaurants serve some of the finest French and Catalan cuisines and wines in the region. The high speed rail system provides easy and fast access to Barcelona, Montpellier and Paris. Rugby is a favorite in the town and there are two well-known teams that make Perpignan their home.
France’s universal healthcare system, considered one of the best in the world, provides another reason to consider Perpignan as a retirement destination.
Reasons to Retire here: Mediterranean French and Catalan culture, Historic sites, the Pyrenees Mountains, the Mediterranean Sea. Festivals (Guitares au Palais, Photojournalism, the Summer Festival etc.), Museums, Weather, Food and Wine, Outdoor recreation (golf, tennis, skiing, cycling, hiking, camping etc.), moderate cost of living, one of the best health care systems in the world (according to the WHO), near Barcelona, Montpellier and Marseille and within hours of Paris via high speed rail.
Weather: lows near 40 with highs in the mid 80s
Population: 120,000
Income Tax: A resident is defined as anyone living in France for over 183 days/year. Resident taxes apply to worldwide income, non-resident for income earned only in France. The tax rate on income ranges from 0% to 48%. some deductions and allowances are available.
Sales Tax: ranges from 5.5% to 19.8%%
Property Tax: approximately 1-2%

Retire in Perpignan

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