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A Major Life Change (RVing)

Steve and I were fortunate to have mostly stable jobs during our careers. Beginning at an early age, we’ve both been good savers and have tried to manage our financial affairs wisely throughout our lives. When we got married, we worked as a team to continue saving for an early retirement, not knowing at the …more

A Smart and Frugal Retirement

Recent articles indicate that many boomers approaching retirement don’t have much in the way of retirement savings. What can you do if you are in this situation? (Even if you are not in this situation you may want to read on about money saving ideas). You can be vigilant about spending. Pay special attention to …more

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True Confessions of a Downsizer

A personal account of one boomer’s trek through the perils of downsizing hell! Have you gone through the mind numbing, nerve pinching, marriage blasting experience of selling your big-ass house and moving into a condo? There’s a goggle-eyed, crazed look about the eyes that stays for months after weeding out your treasures and cutting the …more

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For many of us

For many of us, approaching retirement after years working in Corporate America makes us yearn for doing our own thing. As boomers, we’re torn. Traditional retirement looms out there, but really isn’t for us. A backbreaking sprint of 30 plus years to suddenly stop and do nothing seems dumb. The thought of moving south, playing …more

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