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How Living “The Good Life” is Easy in Costa Rica

When you consider the phrase, “The Good Life,” what comes to mind? For most, it’s sunsets on beaches, hammocks on warm afternoons, and exotic nature encircling you. Maybe they would add fruit falling from the trees, pleasant people, and something that would make this dream an actual possibility—affordability. An important factor of living a good …more

Living and Retiring in South Africa

South Africa is a country some people shy away from when it comes to relocation or retirement, mainly due to the bad press it has gotten over the years. South Africans continue to emigrate to England and Australia in fairly large numbers (though the tide has slowed down considerably) and bring with them stories of …more

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Why Retiring in Costa Rica Won’t Work For You

Retiring in Costa Rica may sound like a dream come true. So far, for my wife and I, it’s worked out OK. It’s not a dream come true, but you don’t believe in that myth anyway do you? So why will retiring to Costa Rica not work out for you? Your extended family will interfere …more

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Choosing the Right Retirement Destination in South America

If you are contemplating a move to South America for your retirement, here are some helpful tips and things to think about. Retirement living for expats in South America is becoming a popular trend, now that baby boomers in the USA and other countries are realizing the many benefits that retirement overseas can bring. There …more

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75 Percent of Americans Don’t Have Enough Savings to Cover Their Bills for Six Months: Survey

According to a survey undertaken by, approximately half of Americans are without savings that can last them more than three months if they lose their income. The implications are that most Americans would actually be unprepared for a financial emergency. The study put the number at 25% of the country having no funds to …more

Thoughts For Today

When Imperfection Strikes! What happens when those closest to us ultimately disappoint? Why do we feel unloved, abandoned or dismissed? It’s not as if we all aren’t imperfect in our own way. Could it be because we are never comfortable with our own imperfections that accepting them in others is always a challenge? I believe …more

Exploring Atlantic Canada during Covid-19

We hadn’t done much planning. After all, we weren’t even sure we would get across the border; there were so many discouraging words about journeying north. Was it worth planning a trip that might never occur? The woman who answered the phone at the Inn on the Wharf in Lubec, Maine had said, “99% of …more

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What I Did in Social Media Jail – I Became an author

My “Medellin Jubilado (Retiree) Odyssey” contained a trap. I toured,, was a wonderful tourist. I bought property, I was a fine new member of the community and a new member of a large Colombian family through marriage, But eventually the mania of social media, screen time, caught me in its addictive grip. Cocaine? No, never. …more

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