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The Spirit of 76

My motivation for writing, producing and narrating a documentary on the history of the United States of America was simple. In a survey of graduates from a high school (I can’t remember which one), over 50% of those interviewed believed during World War II, America & Germany were allies against Russia. They missed several other …more

Empty Nesters on a Green Global Trek: Selecting a new home town in Asia

When we set off from Chicago to start on a Green Global Trek in Latin America, we fell in love with Granada, Nicaragua. We did not know how long we would be living in Granada, but we knew we wanted to anchor ourselves there, building a new chapter in our lives and traveling throughout the …more

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The Other Cannes

The sun is out, the sky is clear and in the distance is a breathtaking view of the harbour. There is a group of men playing pétanque under the afternoon sun. The traditional game of French lawn bowls takes place in its own time, the metallic balls clinking after each long and paused thoughtful aim. …more

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Repositioning Cruises…What’s Your Hurry?

Imagine arriving in Europe completely relaxed, well rested, with no jet lag, ready to enjoy your trip to France, Spain, Italy or wherever you are headed. Think of an international trip without fighting the airport mayhem, putting up with other peoples’ screaming babies, and stomaching airplane “food” for ten or more hours! We will rarely …more

Top reasons to retire, top reasons not to retire

I am fast approaching retirement and spent a great deal of time thinking about it over the last few years. Am I really ready for a complete change of life? Am I ready financially? To retire or not to retire that is the question. This week I jotted down a list of my top reasons …more

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TV and the Retired Expat

Nothing disturbs the mind of an otherwise dedicated expat, and particularly those of the retired variety, than being unable to watch their favorite TV programs from their home country. Admittedly, in countries such as Spain, France, Portugal and Italy, watching a good dose of national TV from time to time does help to improve language …more

The Retired Expat, Statistics and Sunshine

I rarely trust statistics, and particularly those in articles in the press that begin with “According to the latest statistics…”. I know far too much about how ‘flexible’ statistics can be, and how they can be twisted and manipulated to match the political arguments and headline grabbing deceptions of the day. Recent headlines in the …more

Retirement is Great!

In 2008 we spent six short weeks in Europe visiting France, Italy and cruising on the Mediterranean and decided there and then that we would return to the beautiful regions of Provence in France and Tuscany in Italy for a extended time once we retired. We loved it there. On returning to our home in …more

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