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Retiree Speak

I know retiree speak. I don’t know how or when it happened, but somehow I now know this once-foreign language and way of life. If you are a retiree, see if the following is familiar. And if you are not yet retired, here’s what you have to look forward to… I am very careful spending …more

Women’s New Retirement Conversation

Although men and women enter retirement in tandem, women have a very different retirement experience from men. Women enter retirement with less saved due to a lifetime of lower earnings. The average pay for a woman is just seventy-seven cents for every dollar earned by a man, and even less for black and Hispanic women. …more

Tips to Help Couples Communicate More Effectively

Have you been thinking about and even worrying about the upcoming years—and your spouse wants nothing to do with it and thinks you’re “crazy” to be thinking about something in the future? Or, perhaps your spouse is pushing for the discussion and you don’t even want him or her to consider retiring since it will …more

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An American Expat in Budapest, Hungary

Sometimes, you just have to close your eyes and jump into the abyss bolstered by a belief in luck or fate or karma. And so it was when my employer asked me, and by extension my husband, to move to Bratislava, Slovakia nearly three years ago. Although neither of us had ever visited Slovakia – …more

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In the Meantime

Waiting is life in the meantime. It is not a life on hold or serving a punitive time out (although it usually feels like it). There are many components–daily, I see more. Of these two, I am most sure: Expectancy and Mystery. Expectancy: My definition of expectancy is to look at the world in wonder. Where …more

An option for retirement – full time in an RV!

Retirement can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To my wife and I retirement meant leaving our sticks and bricks house behind to hit the road. When we first began contemplating retirement we considered several options. We could stay where we were living in Texas or we could buy a retirement …more

The New Retirement Lifestyle: Minimalizing

My third wife and I lived in Paso Robles, California, during the last 7 years of our 13-year marriage. I had been commuting the 215 miles to West Los Angeles once a week, spending three or four days in Paso Robles and three or four in Los Angeles. In L.A., I stayed in the spare …more

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Looking for the Payoff

Sometimes I wonder where I am going with the new “freedom” in my life. My children are finally on their own, leaving my husband and I to play together and apart, depending upon our moods and which hunting season it is. I am pulling away from the necessity of being a “model” employee and actually …more

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