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Beyond Beach Resorts and Tourist Towns – finding the real Mexico

Ten places to discover in Mexico beyond Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas. 1.Rio Lagartos: Exploring the estuary by boat we see a group of flamingos a short distance away. It is barely past sunrise and the world is honeyed with golden light. And there they are in front of us, thirty or forty …more

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The Help (from an American Voice in Mexico)

Although we enjoyed watching reruns of Upstairs, Downstairs on public television, my wife and I had never thought of ourselves as people who needed staff to get along. Living in the unpretentious Midwest, having domestic help was regarded as uppity, and unbecoming to good Methodists and Lutherans whose lot in life was to maintain their …more

It’s a long road to New Mexico

There’s no doubt that initially, and for a long while afterwards, our experience of America was East Coast based. We lived in Rockville, Maryland for a year while on exchange as a teacher. Our weekend jaunts were into DC., to snow bound cabins in West Virginia, trips to Annapolis and Chesapeake Bay and our first …more

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Retire in Mexico

Our retirement story actually begins back in nineteen ninety-four. We were living in Sedro Woolley, Washington with our three sons where we owned and operated a photography studio. We became disenchanted with the struggle so we decided to sell home and business and retire in Mexico. After much research we decided on the State of …more

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Retiring in Mexico: Making Lemonade When Handed Lemons

Mike and I had a dream plan for retirement with living 6 months in our home in the mountains of WA and 6 months of living and/or traveling in other countries, exploring the world. But quickly that dream faded away with the economic crash in 2008. We had a successful real estate business in a …more

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A Lawless Land (from an American Voice in Mexico)

The U.S. news media has bombarded everyone for years with their oft-repeated tales of drug cartel violence and headless bodies littering the roadside. The corruption of law enforcement, the involvement of government officials. It makes their readers’ hair stand on end. I don’t know. I guess it sells newspapers during the day and antacids on …more

What’s it like to live and retire in Cancun, Mexico

We have been living in Cancun for 6 years. We moved here permanently after we retired from our jobs in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. We had vacationed in Cancun repeatedly since 2001 so we knew the area. The attractions here are many: The weather, the culture, clean air, the wonderful Caribbean sea and the …more

Flocking to Portugal

It is not just the seagulls flocking to Portugal! 2,000 people a day are requesting residency here. Yes, two thousand! And why not? The Portuguese people have a well-deserved reputation for their friendliness. Sun shines most of the year, even in the north; more so, the further south you go. The cuisine is fresh and …more

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