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Retire to France? What Were We Thinking?

How to live a simpler life? Slower? More Zen-like? In a place with good food and wine and lots of sunshine? We are globetrotters, my man and I. After living the expat life in over a half dozen developing countries because of my husband’s work as a development agri- economist, we had to decide where …more

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Solo by bicycle, across southern France

Recently, memories of France often appear unbidden, at unpredictable moments. They arrive as palpable, vibrant images, frozen in place, just an instant. Their startling vividness often triggers thoughts about the time and space around them. In France it is easy to find fresh, local, delicious, inexpensive food. Traveling by bike, it is easy to eat …more

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Motorbiking and Exploring the South of France

The South of France is a fantastic place for bikers. As a passenger behind my partner on his BMW GS1200, we can go anywhere, and do anything! In Nice, for example, the town itself often gets busy, especially in the summer when it is congested with traffic. The bike is used as a scooter making …more

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It’s never too late to pursue your dreams: My Road to Success

I retired. Then I got to work. I took a writing class and began writing. This was well after I was collecting social security. Maybe what you are about to read will inspire you to write. Or to pursue your dream. It’s never too late. I hope my success motivates you. You’ve never heard of …more

7 Positive Ways for Dealing with Adversity in the Aging Game

Ever struggle with the why me syndrome? Those times when you are overcome by anger, frustration, and fatigue, wondering why you have to go through this hardship? I have coped with more than my fair share of physical pain and have posed this question many times. Some pain was self-inflicted by choosing a career as …more

Guadeloupe: Paradise Found

Guadeloupe is an overseas region of France located in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean…not to be confused with Guadalupe island off of the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. With a population of over 400,000, Guadeloupe is the largest E.U. territory in North America. An archipelago consisting of two larger islands, Basse-Terre and …more

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An idyllic Greek isle

Another hot day on a Greek island. Another day of people watching down in a waterfront café. Freddo cappuccino and a sesame koulouri (bread ring) for breakfast. An ouzo and octopus as a midday aperitif before your lunch of stuffed tomatoes and peppers. Siesta, then a warm swim in the calm, clear blue waters of …more

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My “Senior” Gap Year

The seeds of a Senior Gap Year abroad—the age-old British tradition of spending time far from home—were sown when I was 22 and doing graduate work in France’s Loire Valley. It was 1979, and my time abroad ignited a love affair with France and uncovered a wanderlust that compelled me to travel the continent. But …more

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