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Yes, Virginia, There’s Life after Retirement

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015   7:46 pm |  Category:   Life, Travel   |   Add Comment  
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Bill left me in Seattle in January 2013 to help his son in Boise, Idaho spruce up an office building he had acquired with a partner. These were sad times. Happily, such times always make me turn to other passions. I reflected on how our story had developed to that point. By then I already had two hundred blog posts and, compiled, they became the first draft of a book. After three years of working with iUniverse, numerous drafts borne out of tons of editing, and a month-long book tour, I now have a published book: Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream. I have become a real Writer!


When Bill came back on Valentine’s Day 2013, we had serious talks. An Oscar Movie Marathon helped us retrace the path back to friendship. After 65 years, I was apparently learning what it took to be a real Wife! We agreed to look for a base from which to continue travels outside North America. After a survey of the Southwest, we settled in Viewpoint Golf and RV Resort in Mesa, Arizona in October 2013. To date, we have been to fifteen countries in Europe from that base, preparing to go to five more before the end of the year. It is beginning to look like there may be a sequel, Carolina: Cruising to a Global Mindset!


In hindsight, I discovered America from within the cozy confines of an RV with lessons that came as fast as scenes changed. I not only learned to be a wife without losing my identity, but also to be an American without losing my roots. It isn’t a surprise that I ended my book with the following line. “My new calling card says it best. Carolina Esguerra Colborn. Wanderer. Writer. Wife.” It seemed that a Santa Claus had really come to this basically good girl! Yes, Virginia, there’s life after retirement.



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