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Additional beer news from the Beverage Industry
January 22nd, 2019

Del Papa Distributing, Victoria, Texas, can teach other wholesalers a thing or two about weathering the storm — literally and figuratively — including the challenges wrought by both Mother Nature and the nature of the rapidly evolving beer distribution landscape.
Posted: January 22, 2019, 12:00 pm

Stella Artois, a brand Leuven, Belgium-based Anheuser-Busch InBev, and co-founders Matt Damon and Gary White are rallying America to Pour it Forward by choosing Stella Artois to help end the global water crisis.

Posted: January 22, 2019, 6:00 am

Tecate, a brand of Heineken USA, announced the launch of Tecate Titanium, a 7.5 percent alcohol-by-volume beer. 

Posted: January 18, 2019, 5:00 am
As craft brewers continue to make waves in an evolving market, the Brewers Association, Boulder, Colo., looked back on the craft brewing community’s contributions, highlights and defining beer moments of the past year.
Posted: January 17, 2019, 12:11 pm

In an effort to offer more transparency to consumers, Bud Light, a brand of St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch, announced that it will add a comprehensive on-pack serving facts and ingredient label, by unveiling a new secondary packaging design that will hit stores in February. In addition to listing the ingredients, the packaging also will include serving size, calories, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, carbohydrates, sugars and protein.

Posted: January 14, 2019, 5:00 am
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