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Why Not China?

Sunday, October 11th, 2015   4:35 pm |  Category:   Travel   |   2 Comments  
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Traveling to ChinaOur tour progressed from Beijing to Xi’an; Shanghai; Wuhan; the Yangtze River; Chongqing; Guilin and Yangshuo, as well as Guangzhou to Zhongshan and Zhuhai. Last but not least: Macau and Hong Kong. The hotels everywhere we stayed were unbelievable, some even had a glass wall between the bathroom and bedroom. We never received a straight answer about the glass. Macau has a remarkable history, and is known as Las Vegas of the East and looks it. Gambling is illegal anywhere but Macau. We stayed at the Sheraton Macau, a shopping wonder (the largest Sheraton in the world with 3,800+ rooms). The Venetian Hotel, across the road, has the largest casino and is another shopping adventure. Both had been built on reclaimed land. Construction is ongoing everywhere in China.


Included in our package were four domestic flights, a jet ferry ride and a high-speed train. All other transportation was by coach. New local tour guides and drivers met us whenever we changed cities.


If you plan to tour China (or anywhere), bring comfortable walking shoes. If you don’t walk daily, practice before your trip till you’re comfortable with a couple miles a day. You’ll climb hills, stairs and tread uneven brick walkways. In public places you’ll encounter squat toilets (nothing to fear), but most restaurants and hotels offer modern facilities.


I have left so much out because it would take pages to describe all the sights, sounds and sensations I encountered. This was such an incredible experience, I now have the travel bug—bad.



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  1. Rita Gorrin Oct 13th 2015  11:22 am

    Fantastically told story about her trip. Well written and enjoyable to read, makes me want to go asap.

  2. Sheri de Grom Oct 19th 2015  3:29 pm

    I’ve never thought I would want to visit China. I’m more of a European traveler. Now that I’ve read this descriptive and non-threatening article by travel writer, Teresa Karlinski, I see myself as a possible contender.

    I’d also never thought of China being a particularly affordable travel destination but Ms. Karlinski’s article has laid my anxiety to rest. Thank you for publishing this travel article – it means I have another entire world of travel to explore.

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