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We’re on the Road to Volunteer?

Saturday, June 15th, 2019   9:23 pm |  Category:   Jobs/Volunteer, Travel   |   Add Comment  
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At the end of each day I headed straight for our tiny shower before the dinner bell rang. Stepping into our RV was like entering an oven. Why wasn’t the air conditioner working? I asked Rob. “I’m workin’ on it,” he stated matter-of-factly.


Dinner time was special, especially since I didn’t have to cook. The volunteer cooks planned every meal and served the volunteers with smiles and encouraging words. Everyone was tired (no, exhausted) but they shared their experiences of how the people we were helping expressed their eternal gratitude. That is where our energy came from. The chance to help in any way, large or small, those in need. And there were many in dire need.


Then came the night of heavy all-night rains. I love listening to the raindrops falling on the RV’s metal roof. However, this night I woke up to a wet bed, mattress and all. Rob discovered that the window above my twin bed was leaking! He temporarily taped it until we could repair it. We took my mattress and the bedding outside to dry in the welcomed sunshine.


It was on our way home when we stayed at a lovely RV camp on a Louisiana lake that we discovered the problem with the air conditioner. The RV park happened to have an RV serviceman on site. “You need new batteries,” he said with a smile.


We learned a lot on this first trip. First, we love RVing! We love to travel. We love volunteering to help those in need.


An 86-year-old widower lives next door to our condo on the lake where we recently moved. He needs our assistance carrying his groceries, watering his plants, and just sharing a few encouraging words.


Near or far, we can look around and find someone who needs our assistance. No matter what age, retired or preparing for retirement, we are never too old to lend a helping hand.



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