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Skills Needed To Stay Fit Later In Life

Friday, May 17th, 2013   1:34 pm |  Category:   Health   |   1 Comment  
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FitOldDog’s great Ironman coach, Chris Hauth. Amazing athlete; stern but highly effective coach. My favorite Chris quote: “This is training camp, not complaining camp.”

Training is in red for danger. Don’t just go out there and run with no experience! You’ll be sidelined and demotivated in no time by shin splints, plantar fasciitis, ileo-tibial band syndrome, or worse. Study your chosen sport, talk to those who already do it and ask them about the challenges they faced, and enter it cautiously at first. In fact, the best way to start most land sports is conditioning through long walks.



To maintain a healthy body and mind, undertake a gentle process of relentless learning. This will become a way of life after a while. NEVER think that it is too late or you are too old to get in shape. Your mind and body respond to load, so load them up wisely and as a life style choice.


Finally, I recommend that you read The Brain That Changes Itself, by Norman Doidge. This is the best self-help book I ever read. It will convince you that change is possible and within your reach.


Have fun exploring the response of your mind-body to exercise, and remember, a life without risk is no life at all.


Having scratched the surface of this topic, I wish you well, and happy trails.

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One Comment
  1. joy oakey Oct 17th 2017  8:02 pm

    Hello. I couldn’t agree more. I’m soon to be 69 and participate in Masters’ Track and Field, as well as 5k and 5mile road races. How many people look forward to reaching the next 5-year milestone? Folks like me who want to be the “baby” in the age category…….have to wait a year to be at the bottom of the 70-74 bracket. I too have become very aware of my body and any changes. My runner’s knee acts up sometimes, but ice and compression take care of that quickly. However, a torn muscle in my gluteous maximus that I suffered during a 10k race was a whole other story. For that, I needed serious rest and PT……but I knew right away it was serious. I also know now that 5 miles is my distance limit. Safety, as you point out, is highly important.

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