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Retirement in India: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Friday, March 21st, 2014   3:45 pm |  Category:   Retirement locations   |   30 Comments  
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Retire IndiaWith the down turn of the American economy and a big hit to our retirement funds my husband and I decided to outsource our retirement. I began reading everything on the Intranet about the best places to retire. Out of the blue, my India born husband said why not India. I did some reading and said let’s go. English is widely spoken and Hindi is my husband’s first language. It took almost a year before we obtained our visas, OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) for my husband. Once he was able to obtain his OCI I was able to obtain my PIO (Person of Indian Origin), though I am Caucasian, based on our marriage. His is a lifetime visa and it affords him all the rights of Indian citizenship, except the right to vote, mine is good for fifteen years. Once that was done we secured pet passports for our two dogs. That was the most difficult. In the meantime traveling on a tourist visa my husband spent two months in India looking for an uncrowded area and suitable place to rent. His search was going nowhere until he enlisted help from his nephew. They found a three bedroom house in Bhimtal on the lake. The photos he took were beautiful. I spent a lot of time reading Indian expat blogs.


In January 2013 we packed up our dogs, electronics and a few clothes and started our adventure. Living in India is not for the faint of heart. It would have been very difficult without the assistance and knowledge of family. When we arrived to take possession of our rental home we were told it was not ready but would be soon. I wondered what soon meant in Indian time. We were shown another rental, basically an apartment that was dark, musty and dirty. We were looking at a bait and switch. We refused the apartment. After spending three weeks in a hotel room and the house still not ready to rent, we finally found our first rental cottage. In order to find a rental one must ask around. It’s very hard to find anything here with a Google search. The cottage was a two story, two bedroom, one Indian and one Western bathroom, furnished duplex structure located in Bhowali, which is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. The rent was $270.00 USD per month. Next door to our complex was a large multi-story apartment complex. At the time we did not think too much about it. It turned out that this was more of a hotel with people arriving at all hours of the day and night. As soon as a car arrived they honked their horns announcing their arrival. Then came the loud greetings that went on in the parking lot. This happened almost every night, sometimes two and three o’clock in the morning.


Thanks to our cook/housekeeper we found our present two bedroom two Western bathroom flat in Ghorakhal, which is about three miles from our first location. Our rent, $325.00 per month includes water and electricity. From our large balcony we have a breathtaking view of the mountains with Bhimtal Lake in the distance. I love it here. Early in the morning one can hear the temple bells waking up the Gods. In the summer we hear marriage music coming from many locations in the mountains. It is uncrowded and has many places to walk. It is said that the Himalayas are the homes of the Gods. There are temples scattered everywhere. We came very close to buying property here.


It is very affordable to live here. We spend about $10.00 per week on groceries. We are vegetarian. Cooking gas runs about $5.00 every 3 months. We have no need of a car. Taxis are available and run around $5.00 to the market and back. This includes an hour wait time and getting your bags carried inside the apartment. If we don’t care to go to the market, we send one of the locals on their motor cycle with a list. The cost is $1.50. A taxi for the day, depending on how far you wish to travel runs around $30.00. A full time cook/ housekeeper will run you $65.00 per month. Our Wi-Fi service runs $25.00 per month. We see our Doctor in the office for $2.00 or a house call will run us $4.00. Good medical care is available and medications are less expensive than at Walmart in the USA. I love the variety of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables that are available to us here. Our state Uttarakhand is a non GMO state. We are able to maintain a much healthier lifestyle here. When we first came, my diabetic husband required insulin and oral medication twice a day. He no longer requires insulin and controls his sugar with ¼ of his oral medication. We both lost 35 pounds without effort.


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  1. Retirement homes in India May 16th 2014  11:44 am

    Thank you for this usefull information
    Really helpful

  2. Deepak Feb 3rd 2015  9:53 pm

    Can you share more details how did your husband recovered from insulin ?

  3. Adv Sachin Nagpurkar Mar 11th 2015  5:34 am

    I am thinking of retiring in Uttarakhand. please suggest some place and the price of some decent accomodation which i can purchase. i am from bombay.

  4. Rajashekhar Jul 29th 2015  4:22 pm

    Ghorakhal, Uttarkhand, is a beautiful place. I have not been there but I have seen pictures of it. But what would bother me, if my wife and I were to live there , is its distance from Bangalore, our home town. That apart, thank you for this excellent article; everything you have written here (friendly, beautiful people, corrupt government, the dirt and filth, lack of sanitation and clean water for most Indians) are all, unfortunately, true.

  5. Wiktor Aug 8th 2015  6:40 pm

    I am of Polish origin and would like to retire in India, Vrindavan, I am not married (40) and got early retirement after being a teacher in Poland

  6. kalpana Aug 17th 2015  8:36 am

    This is a message for Wiktor. I also would like to retire in India too and have been to Vrindavan. I am single Indian woman living in Australia. I am a Hare Krishna devotee and would like to meet like minded spiritual people for settling down . My email address is

  7. Chris Oct 3rd 2015  6:11 pm

    It has been more than one and a half years since this was posted. It will be nice to have a follow up.

    I just realized you have moved back. Are you settled now or you wish you had sweated it out?


  8. ashok bansal Oct 16th 2015  1:46 pm

    I live in united states (citizen) here from the last 16 years. I am 42 years old.
    Recently I visited India for 4 months ( including Mathura/varindavan/Rishikesh) and realized India could be permanent retirement place But I really liked more Rishikesh than Varindavan.

    In Rishikesh, I stayed for 1 month. Weather is good even in summer as well as pollution level is very low, right in mountains. People are much nicer and honest.

    I am planning to buy one home in Rishikesh now. I feel Rishikesh could be permanent place for me for my rest of my life. There are lot of Ashrams in Rishikesh area and of course GANGA.
    I have been to Badrinath temple 14 times.

    I feel there are lot of places in Mountains to explore once I settle in Rishikesh.

    Ashok Bansal

  9. Mark Oct 31st 2015  9:17 pm

    I am (44) also thinking/planning to move to India and focus more on spiritual/quality life. Vrindavan would be perfect for me as i am Hare Krishna devotee but i am also looking at Mayapur in West Bengal and other places. I don’t think buying condo is the best idea at this moment. Rent is cheap and gives me a lot of flexibility to move around. Biggest problem is long term Visa as i am not of Indian origins.
    I hope you love living there. i just got back form India and miss it already :(

  10. Manu Jan 10th 2016  6:56 am

    1. Rent , don’t buy. As a rule of thumb, indian prices are 25% of New York/ Sydney / Dubai.
    Ignore the big cities, head to the tier 2/3 towns. Keep an eye on pollution levels and water availability.
    2. Go vegetarian and cook your meals. Invest in a rice cooker. Rice and lentils are staples here, if you adopt this diet, your dollar will go the extra mile.
    3. Research and invest in the local stock market. If you can’t be bothered, pick 3 mutual funds and put a small percentage of your savings. Hold it for more than a year and your gains are tax free.

  11. Narayanan Jan 30th 2016  12:40 pm

    When you retire in India and you are a US Citizen , what are the tax rules?
    Tax has to be filed in both India and USA. What are Investment Options.

    If anybody has any experience , please share.

  12. Kaberi Mar 29th 2016  8:40 pm

    I am Indian-born entrepreneur in Canada and planning to set up a retirement home in the foothills of Himalayas.
    The average monthly disposable salary after taxes in India comes to about 31,158.73 INR (approximately $472). Although prices vary throughout the country, such low average costs obviously mean the average American has plenty of options when it comes to retiring in India. In fact, a monthly disposable income of twice the Indian average – about $1,000 – can translate into a very comfortable standard of living.

  13. Jeanette Mar 30th 2016  9:33 pm

    I am retired female, now living in Florida USA and seek to relocate to Ghorakdal or near Spiritual Science Center. I am sattva student and would like to hear from another who seeks to retire in Ghorakhal or near Spiritual Science Center.

  14. Lorenzo Apr 2nd 2016  9:31 pm

    It sounds very interesting, what do you do for fun? do you guys volunteer in the community? I am planning to retire in that side of the world… although my concern is I could get bored too soon… I need some sort of activity. Please if you can tell about volunteer opportunities? there is any muslim community out there? thank you

  15. chari Jun 30th 2016  12:40 am

    Does India Govt. tax US INCOME from ROTH mutual funds, set aside for retirement./ I am told my Us Govt. pension & social security are exempt from Indian Income tax, PLEASE confirm this. How much would it cost, pe month, for a senior citizen couple in MYSORE (Souuth India). We are total vegetarian. How much one should plan on (a) 2 Bedroom house (not flat), maid servant, man servant, doctor visit (we are both hale and healthy) Are reliable, quality medicine available in India. Please give as much info. as possible. Very much obliged. Thanks. June 29, 2016 8:40 PM EST

  16. Prakash Mishra Aug 9th 2016  5:48 am

    I have ancestral land in Uttrakhand. It’s connected to road, water , electricity can be arranged. A solitude place, facing East , Himalayan view…I grow turmeric there. I am a CA engaged in business based at Delhi. I too want to retire soon….devote time for meditation…
    Any one interested in joining me….?

  17. Radha Gunta Aug 20th 2016  2:40 pm

    I am an American Born, USA citizen who has been living in Andhra Pradesh along with my Andhra Born Physician Husband for the last seventeen years. Before settling in India we lived in USA after marriage for almost twenty years. Lately I am missing living in America very much. I am also a Grandma. One daughter is in Pune and the other in USA. As we get older it gets difficult to manage here in India. House keepers are very unreliable and it is impossible to look after a large house without help due to so much dust and pollution and lack of workers to reliably maintain the grounds. If you are planning to settle for retirement in India from USA I would strongly reccommend that you think a thousand times. One or two year visit yes, but permanent settlement is very very difficult and requires that you become a really dettached Yogi.

  18. RICK FELDMAN Oct 18th 2016  7:38 pm

    Are you still happy there?

    I am a 64 yr old who wants to get out of the rat race but scared to make the leap…fear of the unknown.
    $1000. a month for all my expenses would be wonderful.

    How do you travel from your city and do you have internet???? phone???

    thank you,


  19. Sukhendu Roy Chowdhury Oct 26th 2016  12:59 pm

    Dear Prakash,

    Yes, I too have a plan to settle down in Uttarakhand.

  20. Richard Summers Nov 4th 2016  7:18 pm

    I’m now 64, living in Arizona, and starting to collect my social security. I’ve been a practitioner of meditation since the age of 14, and seriously considering relocating to Rishikesh.
    I’m wondering that since it’s quite a tourist destination, is the cost of living higher? What is the cost of medical care? and can a little private dwelling be found for say the equivelent of $150.00 a month?
    Any help that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated..:)

  21. Sandra Nov 8th 2016  10:47 pm

    Hi Prakash,
    I am interested in joining you. I have a dog, how do you feel about a dog? Have you built a home on the land or is it vacant? I am retired and planning on transitioning to move to India in 2017. I currently live in NYC. Where your land is located how far are you from the nearest city or town? What is around the area? Is the drinking water clean? I devote some of my time with practicing Paramahamsa Nithyananda Integrity techniques and other techniques and also practice Anandmurti Gurumaa Nidra Yoga.I want to learn higher practices. I also enjoy gardening and singing bhajans. Hope to hear from you.

    Warm wishes,

  22. Shanker Nov 30th 2016  6:21 pm

    I am a retired Indian Professional living in Orlando, Florida. I lost my wife 2 years back due to cancer and living alone. Planning to move to India. I am 74 years old and from Karnataka and US Citizen. What are the income tax liability, US SSA requirement, Travel issues and suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

  23. Sarah Petty Dec 29th 2016  4:31 pm

    Hello Prakash–
    Are you seriously looking to create a deliberate community?

  24. Linda Feb 28th 2017  6:12 pm

    I have just turned 70, female and am looking at India to retire. I currently live in the US but am British. I made the move from the UK with my husband 21 yrs ago although he passed just two years later. I am finding it difficult now to live in the US,

    I live on my British pension plus a little extra that I earn from typing/copy editing/proofreading.

    If anyone has any advice or comments for me I would like to hear.

  25. Kenneth Mar 8th 2017  7:41 pm

    Hello Linda , , Im Canadian , caucasian and also looking at retiring in India . Im struggling with visa information . If you or anyone has any information , suggestions I would really appreciate the help .

  26. Elayne Ghiron Mar 21st 2017  7:02 am

    Thinking of an all encompassing hotel in india then i will make a choice. Do you know of a good one?


  27. Jessica Mar 24th 2017  8:42 am

    Hi All, I am also very interested in retiring to an all encompassing hotel in India but so far have drawn a blank. Appreciate your comments/advice.

  28. Ashok Gupta Mar 26th 2017  10:37 pm

    Hello All
    I am US citizen of Indian origin 64 years old.Almost ready to retire.
    Before moving to USA 20 years back I traveled a lot in India due to my work.
    I was also fortunate to visit a lot of other countries.
    I live in Washington state and lived before in New Jersey and Nebraska.
    I did a lot of research and spoke to a lot of friends in India.
    My findings:
    1.For US citizen of Indian origin
    Get overseas citizen of India card.
    It is like double citizenship.
    2.For Americans-get 10 years visa.
    Can stay 6 months in India.
    General info:
    In India a 1 bedroom furnished apartment rent is 15000 to 25000 Rupees.
    It comes to 250 to 350 USD per month.
    Please use and to find one.
    Also try home stays.
    Grocery for 2 people is USD 200 or less/month.
    Help part time is 100 or less/month.
    Other expenses USD 300/month.
    Total for 2 people comes to 1000 or less.
    In hills like Rishikesh-Haridwar there are a lot of opportunities to do yoga,meditation ,social work and trekking.
    I know a guy who is is associated with NGO.
    I am going to live in Rishikesh/Haridwar from Oct 2018 till March 2019
    on experimental basis.
    I am planning to rent out my home in Tacoma WA for one year.
    I have a lot of friends and relatives in India and they promised to visit me
    once I am there.
    If successful,plan to live in India in winters only when the weather is gloomy
    in Seattle-Tacoma WA.
    I hope info is useful.

  29. Buland singh Apr 7th 2017  6:46 pm

    Hello everyone presently I am living in Canada and working on a project on how I can provide foreign tourists a stress free life during their retirement where they can happily live on spending a small amount of money. For this India is the best place. I researched various cities and found Rishikesh is the best place. It is a pollution and noise free city and the world birth place of yoga. So I am working on the project where I can provide good small cottages fully furnished with all facilities according to western needs. If anyone is interested in my project please contact me on

    Rishikesh estimated monthly costs
    grocery $50
    Utility bill $15
    Transportation $15
    Laundry $10
    Phone / wifi $10
    Tv $8
    Rent $150
    Doctor visit $10
    Medicines are cheaper than in the US and Canada
    Retired people from western countries live a better and cheaper life .

  30. yohan Apr 25th 2017  10:24 am

    India is a great place to retire,if u dont mind the bad side, best for those who are seeking spiritual life. There are many spiritual paths,and im now into vaisnavism -worship of Lord Krishna- im planning to go there soon,and end this life among chanting devotees,kirtans-festivals……if anyone wish to know more of this path,contact me. cidanandas-gmail

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