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Retired to Tenerife

Thursday, May 7th, 2015   11:50 am |  Category:   Retirement locations   |   1 Comment  
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Retire in Tenerife, Canary IslandsWhen anyone finds out how long we have lived here they always want to know what we do with how time. I can’t understand the question really. What does everyone do in the UK? I have a house and a garden, which takes up a lot of time, friends come and go during the year not necessarily to stay with us, but we still spend time with them when they are here, we enjoy the barbecue centers in the mountains. There is a group of us who meet up two or three times a year for a day in the mountains.


There is plenty for us to explore on the island. After 23 years here we are still finding places we haven’t seen before, we still have a long list of places and things we want to see, we just don’t seem to have the time !!



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One Comment
  1. annie Feb 5th 2018  3:35 pm

    Sounds great, we are already retired here in cold, wet Scotland. Is it still possible to move to Tenerife?

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