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Real Time Travellers!

Sunday, September 21st, 2014   7:12 pm |  Category:   Travel   |   2 Comments  
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Retire in ItalyNearly a year into this grand new adventure, we’ve had some incredible experiences, seen more places than we could have imagined, and also learned a bit about ourselves. Far and away the best part of our new life is the people we have met along the way. We’ve made so many new friends: some to be friends perhaps just for a few days, some I think will be lifelong friends. We’ve experienced hospitality and kindness beyond belief. We’ve caught glimpses into other people’s daily lives that have given us such fun and joy, and also I hope, renewed compassion for our fellow humans’ determination to live their lives in their own way.


I’ve also discovered a huge enjoyment in sharing our new life with the world through the photos and words on our blog.


However, it hasn’t all been easy. I suffered from a persistent upper respiratory tract infection on the road from Houston to New Orleans, that caused me to make several trips to urgent care offices, take three different courses of antibiotics, and did make me cry with tiredness and frustration for “home”. But with Chris’s support, and my own determination that we had indeed made the right choice, I finally told myself that I was home, home is where we are. And so far, we’re incredibly glad that we made this choice, and will continue travelling and volunteering, for as long we can. When and where will we stop? We don’t know that yet, watch this space, and we’ll let you know when we find out!




*A guest post by Lynn Martin of Home Free Adventures can be found here


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  1. Paul Oct 12th 2014  11:34 am

    Hi, Danila Mansfield you have created an amazing site with your experiences .its really informative and helpfull .great job !!

  2. Danila Oct 15th 2014  11:17 am

    Hi Paul, many thanks for your kind comments! I’m glad you enjoy our blog!
    best, Danila

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