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Philippines: The Next Big Retirement Destination in Asia

Friday, July 19th, 2013   7:00 pm |  Category:   Retirement locations, Travel   |   11 Comments  
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AKLAN. You may be surprised that this unassuming province is gaining a reputation as a promising retirement destination in the country. It is now being recognized as such because it is home to the 2012 World’s Best Island – Boracay. With a massive influx of visitors yearly, the facilities and amenities in this area have improved greatly to accommodate the needs of all the tourists and residents.


BOHOL. Another province that is garnering attention is the remarkable Boho. It is an attractive option for retirees as it is home to the famous Chocolate Hills, crystal clear beaches, and peaceful environment. Giving it an additional edge is the presence of domestic airport and sea ports because traveling to and doing business in Metro Manila is significantly easier.


Those who are really interested for a place that embodies serene living will be pleased to stay here. Although the amenities and services are not at par with that of its urbanized neighboring towns, your basic needs are still available.


If you want to further explore your options, there are other provinces that will provide a quiet, yet exciting life. Iloilo, Bacolod, Dumaguete, Leyte, and Samar are some places which are gaining a reputation for becoming retirement destinations.


More affordable cost of living plus the natural charm of its localities and residents are the defining qualities for this emerging retirement havens. The sense of community also remains strong in most of these places. Furthermore, some have convenient access to modern amenities, yet still exudes a rustic appeal.


MINDANAO: The Land of Promise


Despite its notorious reputation, the region boasts several perfect retirement destinations. It features mostly untouched, private islands. Coupled it with the warm hospitality of the Filipinos and you have a welcoming place to call home.


DAVAO. Perhaps the most famous destination in the southern most part of the Philippines, Davao offers a wonderful opportunity for retirees to bask in traditional culture and cosmopolitan living. This dynamic province feature the usual hustle and bustle of city life, but it has retained that “small town” feel. You will see the rise of developments throughout the area, yet it still nurtures its natural beauty.


The picturesque landscapes, magnificent islands, exciting water-related activities, and extraordinary tourist destinations are interesting reasons that make the province a nice place for retirement.


Furthermore, the cost of living is certainly lower than Metro Manila and Cebu.


CAGAYAN DE ORO. Showing much potential as a retirement paradise is Cagayan de Oro. The developments are slowly progressing; creating a place conducive for retirees. The number of expatriates staying in the city permanently is growing as well showing that the province has a lot of promise.


If that still does not call to you, then the welcoming and friendly nature of the local people may entice you to choose to reside here. Modern facilities are available as well as serene and untouched paradises.


It sure is, “More Fun to Retire in the Philippines!”


The diverse retirement destinations in the Philippines indeed make it a viable option for foreign retirees. It offers comfortable and good quality living at an affordable price. You’ll also get to enjoy warm hospitality, friendly neighbors, excellent facilities, plus renowned tourist attractions. All these coupled with the current sustainable progress of the country makes retirement more fun indeed.

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  1. Carl Aug 14th 2013  3:59 am

    Your analysis was accurate except for one point,… The Air Pollution is really getting bad in Baguio these days and the infrastructure is not keeping up especially the roads for vehicles,… The streets are often very crowded and the air quality is often worse than Manila,… The burning restrictions are not enforced either adding to the air pollution. It was my expat home for nearly 6 years. I love the city but it is hard on your lungs and sinus. Just saying!

  2. J.J. Reyes Sep 11th 2013  4:58 pm

    The Philippines is too far as a retirement destination to attract independent seniors from the United States. Besides, the country lacks the supporting infrastructure. The future is assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care facilities. The competitive advantage is an overabundance of healthcare workers estimated at 400,000 unemployed and underemployed nurses.

  3. Edwin Dec 8th 2013  7:03 pm

    Any reference on how a retired Californian can pay for medical care if retired in the Philippines? Does medical or medicaid support retirees in the Philippines? Thank you.

  4. Larry Dec 9th 2013  4:07 am

    Edwin as far as I can tell neither Medicare nor Medicaid will pay for services in the Philippines.

  5. Freddie Dec 30th 2013  2:33 pm

    How about law and order in these areas? Retiree wants to know the crime rate and break ins to elderly apartment and/or house. Thanks, Freddie

  6. lynda connolly Jun 17th 2014  8:48 am

    hi – thinking of retiring with my husband in about 5 years time – coming from edinburgh scotland. would like to make friends/advice before then. Is there anyone who would like to chat maybe on facebook or skype? lyn

  7. Amy Jul 13th 2014  5:02 am

    Wanting to retire here within the next few years as well. Need advice. Looking for a quiet little 2-3.bedroom house on or next to ocean, beautiful scenery. We are in our 40s and 50. Want to rent for 500 a month usd is that possible?

  8. Louise Baterna Jul 30th 2014  9:14 pm

    Hello Lyn, Hello Amy. My name is Louise, a former Filipina journalist married to a Belgian journalist, living in Belgium. I go home on a regular basis (almost every year). We own a small island, and have began talking to people who are considering retiring in the Philippines. We also help people choose itineraries when they want to visit the Philippines as tourists. I wonder if you have already visited the Philippines and why do you think that this might be the best country for you. If you want to have a chat, do not hesitate to get in touch. I’m on facebook (Louise Baterna) or via email,

  9. Cecilia Aug 21st 2014  7:32 am

    Hi, Amy & Lyn! I am licensed real estate broker here who can offer you the type of property you want, from farm to luxury condominiums. It will be my pleasure to help you settle here. My email address is Thank you!

  10. wayne Oct 17th 2014  11:14 pm

    too far from the USA ???? 300,000 us citizens already call the Philippines home….it must be well worth it to make the travel…how many of us will drive across town for our favourite hamburger bypassing other hamburger joints on the way ? same for retirement

  11. Andrew Mar 9th 2015  5:45 am

    Choosing between Cebu or Metro Manila as one of the best places to retire in the Philippines I’ll probably choose Cebu. Living in Cebu will give you a balance of having facilities without enduring dirty pollution of Metro Manila.

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