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List of words that need to be invented

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014   11:00 pm |  Category:   Humor   |   Add Comment  
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genuwhim (jen’ – yoo- wim) – that real antique tsotsche you bought on the weekend trip to Coney Island that you thought you really, really needed – but didn’t


genuwine (jen’ – yoo – wine) – not that cheap crap that comes in a box – for God’s sake


genuwhine (jen’ – yoo – wine) – I’m really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really sorry


flababble (fla – ba’ – bull) – all of your excuses for why you are overweight


prepunderant (pree – pun’ – der – unt) – a person that knows the answer before you ask the question


wigwarm (wig’ – warm) – a hat


slud (slud) – (a better) past tense for slide


ignostic (ig – noss’ – tick) – a person who is not sure whether he knows or not


inkubaiter (ink’ – you – bay – tor) – a company that sells you a fancy printer for $129 and then charges you $18 each for cartridge refills that you seem to need every thirty pages or so


soupurlative (soo – pur’ – la – tiv) – much, much better than the salad option


sombur (som – burr’) – a huge, pointy, spiky thing; the biggest one you’ve ever seen


cognizant (n) (cog’ – ni – zant) – a person who is a gear expert


sapurlative (sa – purr’ – la – tiv) – being expert at dumb jokes


tweakery (twee’ – kur – ee) – the act of continually reminding someone of a trick that you played on them once


incredulicious (in – cred’ – you – lish” – iss) – hard to believe how good it tastes


incling (ink’ – ling) – a very, very small corporation


hippiepotamus (hip – ee – pot’ – a muss) – a great big fat kid with flowers in his hair


chutzpididty (you figure out how to say it) – brazen stupidity; stupidity with a lot of nerve



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