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Far Eastern Journal

Monday, January 12th, 2015   3:37 pm |  Category:   Life, Travel   |   4 Comments  
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In my hotel room laid a book, which contained the thoughts of Confucius. Within the many pages of this document, there existed a particular quote that has stayed with me since the moment I first stumbled across it, thus;


“Learning without thought is labour lost; thought without learning is perilous.’


As my aircraft descending towards the terra firma of sunny Siam, and irrespective of the trials and tribulations experienced during the brief first chapter of my travels, Doc Holliday had nevertheless been proved right.


Not since leaving the army had I felt such exhilaration – an utter renaissance was flooding throughout both body and mind – at 64 years of age, I was a newborn – life was the drug that mattered – and I sensed that I was to become a habitual dependant on the joys that it had to offer.


Soon I was to be in Vietnam – and my forthcoming 13-day voyage up the Mekong Delta would shortly provide a stimulus of no equal – with my prescribed medication remaining untouched – as it continues to do so at the time of writing.




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  1. PJMuller Jan 12th 2015  7:00 pm

    It is a long way to go to get over your retirement blues. I booked a trip to Vegas for a week when I retired and that helped to clear out my head. But seriously that piece about your encounter in the hotel room is priceless.

  2. Gordon Kinghorn Jan 16th 2015  5:51 pm

    Thanks PJ, Truly grateful for your comments regarding my recent article. Part 2, (coming at the end of the month) that of which tells my of experiences throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Northern Thailand, shall hopefully be of interest to you too – I do hope so.

    Kind regards


  3. Terrance Mar 5th 2015  2:35 pm

    A great adventure indeed. I traveled in my younger days. Not so much these days but I plan do it again when I retire next year. I read several of your other posts here and I find that I have many of the same positive and negative feelings about retirement. Hopefully the next phase will be a good one.

  4. Don from Melbourne May 20th 2015  12:26 pm

    Many accolades come to mind, but surely you have heard them all before. And all well deserved.
    Amazing stuff. Truly. You are one of so very few intelligent people writing about retirement and travel on the net!
    When may we expect Part Two of this wonderful journal?
    I await.
    Best regards,

    In Surabaya, Indonesia, next month in Penang, Taiping and Ipoh, Malaysia. September, Brunei and home to Australia for two months. Then all over again!
    Life at 67 is the best.

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