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Daily Calorie Calculator

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A calorie is a unit of energy supplied by food. Fats, proteins and carbohydrates contain calories. The key to a healthy retirement is to find a balance between calorie intake and exercise. The Basal Metabolic Rate is the number of calories the body burns at rest to maintain normal body functions.


Below is a calculator that provides three sets of calculations to maintain, lose and gain weight. The chart below the calculator is a representation of the estimated calorie requirements as provided by the USDA/USDHHS to maintain weight based on various lifestyles for those who are retired or approaching retirement.

Basal Metabolic Rate
Enter the following data
Your gender
Your height

Your weight

Your age (years)
Your activity



A. Requirements to maintain current weight
  Calories      Grams
Carbohydrates (55%)
Proteins (15%)
Fats (30%)
B. Requirements to lose weight by

per week *

  Calories      Grams
Carbohydrates (55%)
Proteins (15%)
Fats (30%)
C. Requirements to gain weight by 

per week *

  Calories      Grams
Carbohydrates (55%)
Proteins (15%)
Fats (30%)



Estimated calorie/per day for 51+ year olds by activity level (USDA/USDHHS)
Gender Sedentary Moderately Active Active
Female 1,600 1,800 2,000–2,200
Male 2,000–2,200 2,200–2,400 2,400–2,800



*500 calories are subtracted per day to lose a pound/week. 500 calories are added per day to gain a pound a week. The lose of more than 2 pounds per week or the consumption of less than 1200 calories/day are not recommended.


To achieve a balanced weight loss an increase in exercise and a lower calorie decrease is recommended.

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