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Brno, Czech Republic: A Break Between Capitals

Monday, December 30th, 2013   11:34 am |  Category:   Travel   |   Add Comment  
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Museums and Galleries


With a range of museums and galleries large and small, Brno can most certainly expand your horizons on various aspects of regional history and art influences.


Visit Retire in Brno, Czech RepublicWith three locations in the city center, the Moravian Gallery will guide you through art movements from Medieval to the 20th century and Czech contributions to those movements. Also in the center you will find Špilberk Fortress, the seat of the Brno City Museum, and the main facility of the Moravian Museum.


Outside of the center, The Brno Technical Museum will give you a great deal of insight into the inventors, inventions and technological achievements of Czechs while the anthropological museum, Pavilon Anthropos, will give you a good view of prehistoric life in the Brno and South Moravian region.


These are just a few of the museums and galleries to be found in Brno. The city has many others covering subjects as diverse as modern art, genetics, ethnography, puppets and even tractors.


Green Space


For its size, Brno boasts a good number of parks and preserved green areas which nicely balance the urban developments.


Within easy walking distance of the center, you will find both Lužánky Park and the Masaryk University Botanic Garden.


Further out, you can find the Kamenný vrch nature reserve in the city’s south west and the Hády natural area in the north east, both are accessible by public transit.


You can also make a trip to Brno’s reservoir in the north west of the city. The reservoir and its immediate surroundings are a very popular recreational area with several walking, hiking and cycling trails throughout.


Staying Longer, Going Farther


Visit Retire in rno, Czech RepublicIf you decide you’d like to take a longer stay in this part of the country, Brno is the perfect base for a variety of day trips into the beautiful South Moravia region. The city has several hotels to suit a variety of tastes and price ranges and is very well connected to the surrounding area by rail and bus.


South Moravia is the heart of the Czech wine industry and trips south from Brno to towns such as Mikulov and Znojmo will certainly give you the opportunity to sample a wide variety of locally produced vintages.


Also reachable from Brno are the stunning Moravian Karst cave system, the UNESCO listed Lednice-Valtice area and the Palava biosphere preserve to mention but a few other options.


If you’you’ve just left the crowds, queues and kitsch that can be Prague and Vienna; perhaps Brno and South Moravia’s greatest gifts to a visitor are their simplest: elbow room, breathing space and a relaxed pace.



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