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Retirement Cash: Bellybutton Lint Farming

Saturday, January 21st, 2017   3:29 pm |  Category:   Humor  |  6 Comments  
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When you work in the agri-business field, people just naturally expect you to be a walking Wikipedia when it comes to farm related matters. I receive at least a dozen calls a day from people asking for advice on topics ranging from growing peanuts to how many bones are in a chicken’s neck.   Another …more

Stolen Goods

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014   5:35 pm |  Category:   Humor  |  11 Comments  
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Burglary is a common occurrence at our rural, Northwest Arkansas home. How the thief gets in, steals what he wants, and gets out without leaving a single clue indicates a level of true professionalism. The doors haven’t been jimmied, the windows remain closed and locked, and yet numerous items continue to disappear. In fact, this …more

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