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Labor Day — Celebrate Freedom from Work

Thursday, August 31st, 2017   1:19 pm |  Category:   Health, Hobbies/Sports, Jobs/Volunteer, Life  |  Add Comment  
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If you’re retired, Labor Day is an excellent time for another celebration of freedom from work.   Held on the first Monday of September, Labor Day serves to mark the ‘end’ of summer. For young parents, school begins in September thus signalling regular routines like early bedtimes, preparation of lunches and homework supervision. For workers, …more

Happiness in Retirement – A User’s Guide to Brain Fitness

Saturday, August 24th, 2013   10:47 am |  Category:   Health  |  Add Comment  
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Have you walked into another room to get something and forgot what you went looking for?   Have you stopped in mid-sentence to search for the word you wanted to use?   Have you begun an introduction only to forget a name?   Do you find yourself searching for misplaced keys or a misplaced cell …more

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