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Who’s Coordinating Your Care?

Monday, January 22nd, 2018   5:09 pm |  Category:   Health  |  Add Comment  
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Several years ago, while my husband was in the hospital, I was concerned about the course of his treatment and couldn’t seem to get a clear picture of the next steps and prognosis. Not sure where to turn, I called his primary care physician (PCP) for guidance.   Officially, there was a hospitalist in charge …more

When life is good, savor it

Thursday, July 28th, 2016   3:03 pm |  Category:   Health, Life  |  Add Comment  
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“Savor this moment. Appreciate it. Life won’t always be so good.”   The voice in my head echoed a reminder I knew I needed to savor. From past experiences I understood that life would not always be on track, and I understood on some level that I would need to remember the good life again, …more

When You Don’t Have Your Health

Friday, May 13th, 2016   2:08 pm |  Category:   Health  |  Add Comment  
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What’s important to you? As we age, our priorities change. In our 20’s and 30’s, many of us wanted adventure or to boost our careers and start our families. In our 40’s and 50’s, we tended to focus more on stability and planning for the future.   So what do 60-somethings care about? The lucky …more

Love. Death. Fitness

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016   8:09 pm |  Category:   Life  |  2 Comments  
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“What’s Love Got to Do with It?” asked Tina Turner back in 1985. Or in this case, what does love have to do with death and fitness? The answer is in three parts.   Love   As any dog lover knows, our canine family members hold very special places in our hearts. Our dogs are …more

Snowbirds: Make Medical Plans for Your Trip!

Friday, January 15th, 2016   10:59 pm |  Category:   Health, Life, Travel  |  Add Comment  
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You plan your vacations and retirement, paying careful attention to details large and small. You check each box, working your way down the list. “Got it covered,” you smile and move on to the next item.   But wait. Back up. Are you really as prepared as you think? Whether planning a long-term vacation or …more

Planning for the Hospital: Seven Things You Can Do to Prepare

Monday, August 31st, 2015   6:47 pm |  Category:   Health  |  Add Comment  
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Many people dream of retirement—time for travel, precious moments with family or just taking it easy. Some take classes or seminars to prepare for retirement; others talk with their financial advisers and accountants. But few of us take the time to plan for hospitalization. After all, who wants to think about ill health, let alone …more

Golden Years

Monday, June 15th, 2015   2:59 pm |  Category:   Health, Jobs/Volunteer, Life  |  1 Comment  
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“This isn’t what I thought my golden years would be.” My father’s words echoed in a time-lapse soundtrack that played back regularly in the recesses of my memory. He was a self-made, hardworking man, not given to complaining or griping, even when he had good cause. So his oft-repeated remorse about his disappointing golden years …more

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